Kid Icarus: Uprising port ‘sure would be nice to play’ on console, developer states

Smash Bros. and also Kirby developer Masahiro Sakurai seems hinting that one more of his games, 2012’s Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS, schedules for a modern port for house gaming consoles.

The latest episode of Sakurai’s YouTube series is mostly around Kid Icarus: Uprising, which game’s risk-reward problem auto mechanic, The Fiend’s Cauldron. In the video clip, Sakurai discusses the style procedure behind The Fiend’s Cauldron, which allowed gamers change Uprising’s problem utilizing a slider, allowing them profession “intensity” for much better incentives. Not all games require that type of problem system, he said, however The Fiend’s Cauldron allow gamers existing themselves with a customized obstacle that didn’t make them really feel negative for choosing “easy mode.”

At the actual end of the video clip, Sakurai states, “It sure would be nice to play Kid Icarus: Uprising on a home console. I wonder if someone out there will ever port it?”

It definitely would certainly behave to have that choice, considered that Kid Icarus: Uprising is a fantastic game that even more individuals must play, therefore subjecting even more individuals to Eggplant Wizards, Specknoses, and also Komaytos. Plus, the Nintendo Switch has actually offered 114 million systems to day, virtually 40 million systems greater than the 3DS did, so there’s a much bigger target market for it currently.

Uprising was likewise impeded by its control system, which needed regulating lead character Pit with the 3DS’ left analog stick and also the system’s touchscreen. It was unpleasant sufficient that Nintendo consisted of a plastic assistance stand with physical duplicates of the game to make play sessions extra comfy. The Nintendo Switch, with its double analog controls, gyro intending, and also a bigger collection of switches, might make regulating Kid Icarus: Uprising a wind.

And it’s feasible a person out there is doing that now, based upon a trio of job listings unearthed earlier this year. Publisher-programmer Bandai Namco, which has actually co-developed numerous Nintendo games in the Super Smash Bros. and also Mario sporting activities collection, was employing for settings on a 3D activity game acquired by Nintendo that was called a remaster/remake. Given Sakurai and also Bandai Namco’s previous functioning partnership, a co-developed upgrade to Kid Icarus: Uprising might be in the cards.

Nintendo has actually made no such news, however, and also followers of Pit and also Palutena will certainly need to see if Sakurai’s troublesome idea that Kid Icarus should return is anything even more than that.

The initial, 8-bit Kid Icarus is usable on Switch as component of the Nintendo Entertainment System for Nintendo Switch Online collection.


Source: Polygon

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