Jon Lent, Former Mac DeMarco Band Member, Sentenced to Jail for Sexual Assault

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DeMarco “immediately removed” Lent from his band earlier this year upon learning of the musician’s arrest in 2018

Jon Lent
Jon Lent, July 2016 (Pedro Gomes/Getty Images)

On April 12, 2021, Jon Lent, a member of Mac DeMarco’s band from 2015 to this year, pleaded guilty to sexual assault in an Edmonton, Alberta court, according to court documents obtained by Pitchfork. Lent was sentenced to two years less one day in provincial jail. The charges and eventual conviction stemmed from an incident that occurred on April 14, 2018 at or near Edmonton, according to court records, and followed an arrest in December of that year.

When reached for comment, an attorney who represented Lent during this case—as listed in documents viewed by Pitchfork—was unable to share additional information.

Lent’s conviction was first brought to Pitchfork’s attention by the woman he assaulted. In an email sent October 7, the woman, who asked to be identified only as “S,” said Lent had pleaded guilty to sexual assault earlier this year, and that he has been incarcerated since June 3. (Pitchfork has been unable to confirm if Lent is currently incarcerated, as privacy legislation prohibits the confirmation of who may or may not currently be, or has in the past been, an inmate in provincial correctional facilities, or the release of personal information, according to a spokesperson for the Alberta Ministry of Justice & Solicitor General.) “It has been almost six months since Jon was convicted and neither Jon nor Mac have said anything to address the situation,” she wrote to Pitchfork. “I now know that I was wrong to believe that legal justice also means accountability.”

When reached for comment, a representative responded via email on behalf of DeMarco and his management. They wrote that DeMarco had not been made aware that Lent had been arrested for sexual assault until April 2021 (the same month of Lent’s guilty plea and conviction). “Lent first told Mac about the sexual assault allegations in April 2021. Mac has not spoken to Lent since that conversation,” the email from the representative said. “Lent last played with Mac in January 2020. Upon learning of these allegations, Lent was immediately removed from the Mac DeMarco Band.” DeMarco added (via his representative): “I am no longer personally associated with Lent. I would like to respect the privacy of the survivor.”

Jon Lent joined Mac DeMarco’s band in 2015, an event that was announced in a comic video from November of that year. He played keyboards and bass on tour with the group for the next half-decade. S first made contact with Jon Lent on Instagram in October 2017, she told Pitchfork over the phone, noting that she had been following him on social media because he was in DeMarco’s band. “I had really loved Mac DeMarco for a long time before I met Jon, and that was the reason why I ever met him, because I was following all the people from the band on Instagram,” she said. S said she and Lent exchanged messages via that app on and off for about six months while he was on tour with DeMarco; Pitchfork viewed what appear to be screenshots of their conversations. “Then we finally met up when he got back to Edmonton,” she said.

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