John Woo’s Stranglehold dives onto GOG, in gradual movement, surrounded by doves

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Like a sudden smattering of doves, John Woo Presents: Stranglehold has been given contemporary life on GOG at the moment. John Woo’s kinda-sorta 2007 sequel to 1992’s Hard Boiled, Stranglehold is a videogame motion flick that gunned to be considered one of Woo’s finest. It’s acquired Chow Yun-fat diving by means of the air in gradual movement (sorry, “Tequila Time”), pistols akimbo. It’s acquired dozens of faceless goons to homicide, ranges full of pillars bursting like dust-filled balloons. There are doves! Hundreds and 1000’s of doves! That’s all you want, proper?

Someone verify that for me. Please. I’ve by no means seen a Woo movie.

Developers Midway made a superb stab at pulling that off 12 years in the past, at the least. Stranglehold was a trendy mixture of third-person operating and gunning and kung-fu brawling in splendidly breakable motion setpieces. It was additionally, admittedly, numerous what Max Payne was doing half a decade earlier.

Our former John (RPS in peace) was moderately taken by the game’s trendy begin, however famous in a Have You Played back in ’15 that Stranglehold kinda nosedives after ditching the streets of Hong Kong for Chicago automotive parks.

Ah effectively. They can’t all be bangers. But like numerous “fascinating, yet average” games, Stranglehold has its defenders. Beyond making a legit copy of Stranglehold simpler to seek out, at the moment’s rerelease additionally makes the 12-year-old game extra appropriate with trendy methods, including help for widescreen resolutions.

John Woo Presents: Stranglehold is out now on GOG for £8.09/€9.49/$10.48.


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