Jedi: Fallen Order received’t allow you to go chop-wild on human limbs

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Jedi: Fallen Order’s Cal Kestis isn’t about to develop into a ugly arm collector.

Fallen Order Senior designer Justin Perez informed IGN that lightsabers will solely be chopping off limbs in “select cases.” In different phrases – spiders and droids are honest game however don’t count on to slice off Stormtrooper limbs.

It sounds just like the agency (and not-dismembered) arm of Disney’s model safety is in charge.

Lightsabers could be brutal instruments for slicing flesh like scorching butter, however Star Wars is a household franchise. Even within the movies, your limbs are secure until you occur to be a Skywalker or a sufficiently bestial alien.

Even when you can’t begin a grisly assortment, our first look at Fallen Order’s fight seemed strong. Standard troopers may go down rapidly, however harder foes would require extra technical prowess.

Fallen Order won’t be Sekiro. But by combining a rising library of pressure powers, counters and combos, it might come shut.