How to discover and also transform clothing in One Piece Odyssey

A party at a One Piece Odyssey camp with the Straw Hats

Image: ILCA Inc./Bandai Namco through Polygon

One Piece Odyssey is an event of 25 years of One Piece, which’s mirrored in the Straw Hats’ attire also. There are 2 clothing for each and every personality– one exact to just how the personalities look currently, and also one from just how the personalities showed up when they initially signed up with Luffy’s team (pre- and also post-timeskip attire).

In this One Piece Odyssey attire overview, we’ll inform you just how to transform your team’s attire and also where to discover even more attire for them (looter: it’s no place, since you can not).

How to transform attire in One Piece Odyssey

While there’s an access for Outfits on each personality’s web page in the time out food selection, you can not really transform anybody’s appearance there. Instead, you’ll need to wait until you find a Camp or a Tavern.

One Piece Odyssey Luffy in front of the green tent in a Camp.

Changing attire in a Camp.
Image: ILCA Inc./Bandai Namco through Polygon

Camps are where the Straw Hats will certainly charge, craft dishes and also Trick Balls, and also toss events to acquire a momentary aficionado in fight. Once you discover a Camp’s bonfire and also connect with it, head to the eco-friendly outdoor tents.

Taverns are benches noted with a flagon symbol on your map. At a Tavern, head to the bartender and also connect. The choices at pubs coincide as at a Camp (and also they’re a Save Point, as well).

At either of these locations, select the Change Outfit alternative to personalize your team.

Where to discover brand-new One Piece Odyssey attire

The default clothing that feature the game are the New World Challenge Outfits for Luffy, Zora, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, and alsoRobin These are post-timeskip clothing that are more or less how the Straw Hats currently appear.

One Piece Odyssey Change Outfits menu with Luffy in his Traveling Outfit.

Luffy’s Traveling Outfit.
Image: ILCA Inc./Bandai Namco through Polygon

At the minute, the only means to obtain brand-new clothing for your One Piece Odyssey team is to have actually currently pre-ordered any type of variation of the game (with one exemption). If you did, you’ll discover the Traveling Outfits under the Change Outfits alternative. These clothing are the pre-timeskip looks– just how personalities showed up when they initially signed up with Luffy’s team– for all the usable personalities.

If you got the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of One Piece Odyssey, you’ll open one extra clothing– the Sniper King Outfit for Usopp, based upon his look in the Water 7 arc.


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