Heroes of the Storm gamers can quickly earn Overwatch goodies, play two new heroes and brawl in Blackheart’s Revenge

If you watched the BlizzCon 2016 opening ceremony yesterday, you’ll recall senior producer Kaeo Milker launched the trailer beneath that includes Varian Wrynn and Ragnaros.

Now that Day One of occasion is completed and dusted, and all of the necessary data locked behind panel doorways is out within the open, we’ve got extra Heroes of the Storm intel to share on the brand new heroes coming to the sport.

The first is King Varian Wrynn, High King of the Alliance. In HotS he’s a melee fighter, however by skills, Varian will be constructed to suit a number of totally different disciplines, making him the primary multi-class hero to be added to the sport.

Ragnaros the Firelord is the second new character coming to the Nexus, and he brings with him varied fiery talents. He can name down flaming meteors, crush foes with Sulfuras, and ship out lava waves which might incinerate a whole lane’s price of minions. When confronted with a counter-attack, Ragnaros can empower a Fort or Keep, turning himself into “a towering inferno” over the construction with a second set of talents.

Along with the 2 heroes, Blizzard additionally revealed a brand new Brawl coming to HotS: Blackheart’s Revenge.

On the asymmetrical battleground, the attacking group might want to collect cannonballs to fireside upon the ghost pirate’s ship. Defenders might want to escort Blackheart’s ship and take out the cannonball luggers, giving the undead pirate sufficient time to achieve the attackers’ Core and destroy it.

Blackheart’s Revenge will likely be launched for the sport subsequent week, Varian arrives on November 15 and Ragnaros releases in December.


Finally, beginning November 15 and operating by January four, the Nexus Challenge in Heroes of the Storm kicks off. Here, gamers and their mates will participate in a collection of challenges to unlock in-game loot for each HotS and Overwatch.

Complete 15 Heroes video games in Ranked, Unranked Draft, Quick Match, or Co-op vs. A.I. earlier than time runs out, and gamers will unlock the Oni Genji pores and skin, spray, and participant icon in Overwatch, in addition to Zarya and the Oni Genji Portrait in Heroes of the Storm.

Finish 30 matches and gamers will earn heroes Auriel, Greymane, Kerrigan and Li-Mingthe for Heroes of the Storm. Rewards additionally embody the Orochi Hovercycle mount and a 30-Day Stimpack.