Helldivers 2 players were correct: New Warbond’s Ground Breaker armor has incorrect passive bonus, Arrowhead promises fix soon

Helldivers 2
(Image credit scores: Arrowhead Game Studios)

Yep, that brand-new CE-27 Ground Breaker shield launched as component of the current Helldivers 2 Warbond actually was implied to have a various passive mounted, and the devs at Arrowhead are currently servicing a solution to make points right.

“Regarding the CE-27 Ground Breaker armor, we’re aware of a slight mixup that resulted in it going live with the Servo-Assisted passive instead of the Engineering Kit passive as advertised,” neighborhood supervisor Spitz states in a Discord news. “This should be changed back in an upcoming hotfix – please keep this in mind if this armor is one of the reasons you’re thinking of purchasing the new warbond!”

The Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond was promoted to consist of the Ground Breaker shield with the Engineering Kit passive, which lowers recoil when bending or susceptible by 30% and boosts first stock and holding capability of explosives by 2. Players were rather perplexed with what seemed like a sudden bait and switch, however it appears like every little thing’s obtaining dealt with fast sufficient.

Except, obviously, for those that obtained the Warbond especially for Servo-Assisted “I already bought the new Warbond and have been enjoying the armor with servo-assisted, though,” as Reddit individual Baracuta90 composes. “Please give us some way of swapping armor passives so that we can wear the look we want with the abilities we want!”

That wish to divide passives from shield is an increasingly usual sentiment, and the truth that Ground Breaker’s passive wound up in fact being compatible similar to this is definitely aiding that view develop. This most recent Warbond has actually been obtaining a blended reaction throughout the board, with designer surveys revealing that gamers extremely concurring that it can utilize some enhancements – particularly to that rifle that’s so incredibly negative it virtually seems like the Automatons are informing us to utilize it.

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