Helldivers 2 developer recommends starting game over to fix expensive new ship upgrade bug, team working on a solution

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Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond heavy armor helldiver
(Image credit score: Sony)

An all new and extremely costly Helldivers 2 Ship Module upgrade is presently badgered, while one programmer suggests merely reactivating thegame

Helldivers 2’s Democratic Detonation Warbond presented a lot of points that go boom – consisting of an eruptive weapon that’s a pleasant fire danger in unstable hands – to aid scuba divers in their continuous battle versus theAutomatons To even more enhance the Botdiver initiative, programmer Arrowhead Studios likewise included 4 brand-new Ship Module upgrades.

These brand-new Modules are all tier-4 upgrades, implying they’ll cost you a devastating quantity of Requisition Slips and examples, so, the truth that of them is badgered stings added hard.

“Some of you have reported that the Ship Module upgrade Superior Packing Methodology isn’t working properly after being purchased,” neighborhood supervisor Twinbeard clarified in the game’s Discord network the other day. Arrowhead is apparently “investigating” the problem and “looking into a permanent fix,” however, for currently, reactivating the game appears to be your best option at solving the insect.

Later on in the day, neighborhood supervisor Baskinator repeated that the group is “aware that the upgrade is still not working and we’re currently investigating a fix for it.”

Resupply boxes ought to totally re-fill assistance tools with the optimum variety of publications after gamers acquire the Superior Packing Methodology, yet alas, that hasn’t held true for lots of scuba divers. In- world, the upgrade is expected to “authorize an 8-week crew training course in Superior Packing Methodology.” I intend Arrowhead might simply condemn the insect on careless box packers or something something socialism.

The brand-new Helldivers 2 Warbond presented a shield package with the incorrect passive bonus offer connected, which Arrowhead are likewise functioning to remedy.

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