Heavy Burger blends up a bizarre 80s arcade smoothie as we speak

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Through the 80s and 90s Data East have been by no means a star participant within the arcade scene, however they have been prolific. Burger Time, Heavy Barrel, Side Pocket – one way or the other all three of these arcade games (and lots of extra) are mixed in Heavy Burger, a weird theme-hopping shooter mashup that appears a bit like Smash TV meets Nidhogg. The game is for 1-Four gamers (native solely, sadly) and developed by Lub Blub and International Headquarters. You gained’t want a pocket stuffed with 20p cash (or quarters, for Americans) to take a look at the trailer beneath, however it’d really feel genuine.

While I’ve not had an opportunity to play Heavy Burger for myself, it appears simple game underneath its wild shifting aesthetic. Four palette-shifted cooks from previous arcade game Burger Time are equipped with weapons from Heavy Barrel. Split into two groups and beginning out on the Heavy Burger arcade machine, they battle twin-stick model. The aim is to hold a sack of cash previous your enemies to new arcade machines, with new obstacles, power-ups and gimmicks. Push the enemy again, financial institution the money within the Bad Dudes machine on the finish and your workforce is topped the winners.

It all seems very foolish and kinda enjoyable. I by no means lurked in arcades a lot till the 90s, so most of those games are formally earlier than my time, however due to the wonders of MAME I’m acquainted sufficient with most of them. It appears a intelligent mix of themes and components. Twin-stick retro workforce Nidhogg will not be one thing I wanted in my life, however I’m desperate to attempt. As a cute apart, the Switch launch of the game can also be a part of the Johnny Turbo’s Arcade line – a collection of retro re-releases offered by the American mascot for the Turbografx-16 console, higher recognized now because the Japanese PC Engine.

Heavy Burger is out now on Steam for £5.21/€5.93/$7.19 and revealed by 612 Games and Flying Tiger Entertainment.


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