‘Hannah Waddingham and Luke Evans Present a Festive ‘Winter Wonderland’ at the London Coliseum in ‘Home for Christmas’ Spectacular’

For Hannah Waddingham, Christmas is genuinely one of the most fantastic time of the year.

“I am like a child at Christmas. I love it,” the Ted Lasso super star informs Billboard. “I don’t like acknowledging the fact that I’m nearly 50. I like to pretend that I’m still a little girl because I just find this time of the year totally magical.”

That’s why it was a piece of cake for the Emmy Award-winning starlet to place on her very own vacation unique. In her forthcoming AppleTV+ music occasion, Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas, the celebrity will certainly invite a variety of unique visitors for a “musical extravaganza” at the London Coliseum, which was videotaped stay in front of a target market.

In a special clip over shown to Billboard on Friday (Nov. 17), Waddingham and her long time buddy and fellow star Luke Evans execute a sensational duet of the cheery standard, “Winter Wonderland.”

“How long have we known each other, darling? 20 years?” Evans asks Waddingham in the clip, prior to she states, “20 years! God, did you ever think we’d be on a stage like this?”

“Yup,” Evans happily responds, and Waddingham concurs, “Yeah, I did too.” The duo after that burglarize a wonderful sluggish dancing prior to the last carolers.

“I wanted the special to be something for everyone,” Waddingham describes to Billboard. “I wanted a little boy or a little girl to go look at the background and go, ‘Wow.’ I want people to fall in love with the band. I want people to fall in love when they do a wide shot of the theater. I want people to shut their front doors, sit in front of the TV and feel hugged and loved and feel like they can smile and share something with a family, at any age, from four to 94.”

In her very own home, Waddingham states Christmas is equally as amazing, specifically with her eight-year-old child Kitty. “I’ve had a resurgence when it comes to Christmas, thanks to my daughter,” she shares. “I mean, I go in with all of it, like the whole Elf on the Shelf and the snowy footprints, the half eaten carrot and all of that. So, until she proves to me otherwise that Father Christmas doesn’t exist, I will be doing the most and then some.”

She includes with a laugh, “My daughter knows that Christmas throws up in my house come December.”

Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas debuts worldwide on AppleTV+ on November 22.



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