Halo Infinite: we should not hear about the game before 2021

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Halo Infinite: we should not hear about the game before 2021

Since the gameplay demo fiasco, the Halo Infinite site has been severely shaken up. After the painful decision to postpone the game until next year, when it was to be the spearhead of the Xbox Series X for its launch, its director Chris Lee will have left the ship altogether a few weeks ago. Of course, the development is turned upside down and, according to communications manager Brian Jarrard who spoke on Reddit, the game should not give any news for a while. For now, we’re still at the point of dealing with the myriad consequences of the release date change and the team is currently working headlong on almost every facet of the game. “ he admits during a question-and-answer session.

“Honestly, we have nothing planned for the Game Awards but hope to be able to make at least one point of high importance in the coming weeks, so as to resume this adventure together after the holiday season.”, then declares Jarrard. In other words, the communication plan should be reviewed soon and we should not expect to see Halo Infinite again during the famous ceremony, planned as we recall on December 10, but well in 2021. Let’s be patient … and keep our fingers crossed to avoid the cold shower.


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