Guilty Gear Strive: Sin Kiske is the brand-new personality in Season 2 DLC, he combats with a flag

Launched on August 8, Season 2 of Guilty Gear Strive proceeds with the arrival of a 2nd personality arranged for November 24. It is Sin Kiske, well-known with his blonde hair, his eye spot and also the truth that he is battling with a flag. Does he assume he’s a pirate though? No question given that regardless of his look and also his corpulence, Sin Kiske would just be one decade old, and also consequently entirely premature. One point is particular, Sin Kiske is the youngster of Ky Kiske, ally king of Illyria, and also Dizzy, a fifty percent Gear, making him a quarter Gear. It is reported that Ky offered him to Sol as a youngster to prevent undesirable interest because of his amazing development price brought on by his Gear blood.


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