GTA: Trilogy “Definitive Edition” by Netflix downloaded 30 million times yesterday at 22:20 Opla G540

The mobile GTA: Trilogy — Definitive Edition has proven to be quite in demand. Only the Netflix version (there’s also a regular one) achieved impressive results in the first one and a half months since release18 million downloads. Since then, interest has dropped slightly but remains at a good level — the “Trilogy” has almost doubled its figures over the past five months.

30,000,000 downloads are distributed as follows:

  • GTA: San Andreas — 20.5 million (15.8 on iOS and 4.7 on Android);
  • GTA: Vice City — 6.5 million (4.9 + 1.6);
  • GTA 3 — 3.3 million (2.4 + approximately 929 thousand).

Most popular titles among Netflix Games.