GTA Online Bonuses, Declasse Impaler SZ, and a Teaser for the “Update” Today at 22:45 OPla G260

Upon entering GTA Online, players will be contacted by Vincent, known from the casino hotel and its heist. He will introduce a new venture – a teaser to the “Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid” series of missions (located in Paleto Bay), which the former security chief of the casino, now a police officer, will assign at the Vespucci station. The developers have dubbed this an “update,” raising questions whether PC gamers might finally see console-exclusive content? However, a similar announcement was made a year ago for the delayed “The Last Dose” as an update. The most probable release date is March 7th (“in a couple of weeks”), when the GTA+ period updates. In the meantime, listed bonuses and discounts are active until noon February 29th.

New Addition

The Declasse Impaler SZ for 1,280,000 GTA$ became available on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website and in the Luxury Autos showroom. It can be used in drag races.

Declasse Impaler SZ


In the impound for the next seven days, the targets for car thefts will be Bravado Buffalo EVX, Declasse Mamba, and Weeny Issi Rally.

Lucrative Activities

Taking part in the Diamond casino hotel confrontation pays out three times more (3x GTA$ and RP).

Story missions at the gambling establishment and Agatha Baker’s tasks, provided via phone, offer double the money and reputation points (2x GTA$ and RP). For GTA+ subscribers — 4x.

Prize Vehicle

The Übermacht Rebla GTS, valued at 1,175,000 GTA$, awaits lucky individuals on the casino hotel podium.

To increase the chances for the grand prize using the lucky wheel, consider some tips.

Premium Challenge

To win a vehicle at the Los Santos car club, finishing in the top five in street racing series for 3 consecutive days is required for the Ocelot Pariah (1,420,000 GTA$).

Test Drive

At the Los Santos car club, three vehicles are available for trial: Declasse Vigero, Invetero Coquette, and Vapid Bullet.

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners can test drive the Hao-tuned Declasse Vigero ZX.


  • accessories for the Diamond casino hotel penthouse — 30%,
  • Annis Hellion — 30%,
  • Enus Paragon R — 30%,
  • Vapid Peyote Gasser — 30%,
  • Übermacht Zion Classic — 30%.

Weapon Lockers

This week, the arms dealer offers the following discounts:

  • knuckle dusters — 10% (for GTA+ subscribers — 20%),
  • railgun — 10% (20%),
  • heavy rifle — 25%,
  • plasma cutter — 10% (20%),
  • musket — 10% (20%),
  • enhanced rifle — 10% (30%),
  • precision rifle — 10% (20%),
  • Molotov cocktail — 10% (20%),
  • tear gas — 10% (20%),
  • homemade bomb — 10% (20%),
  • body armors — 10% (20%).


At Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Simeon is selling the Enus Paragon R, Übermacht Zion Classic, Vysser Neo, Vapid Peyote Gasser, and Annis Hellion.

Vehicles at Premium Deluxe Motorsport this week.

Luxury Autos offers for purchase the Fathom FR36 and Declasse Impaler SZ.

Vehicles at Luxury Autos this week.


Weekly challenge — complete 3 casino tasks for Agatha Baker.

Time trial for the next seven days is “Storm Drain”.

HSW time trial (exclusive for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S) — from North Chumash to Palomino Highlands.

Additional Bonuses

Active bonuses for GTA+ subscribers can be viewed here.