GTA 5: Composition from the Canceled Story Add-On “Agent Trevor” Today at 13:26 OPla G430

Last Christmas, the source code of GTA 5 was leaked, revealing many interesting details about the game and its plot DLCs, which the developers eventually scrapped. One of these DLCs was “Agent Trevor”, a project that was confirmed by Steven Ogg. Now, a composition written for that DLC has surfaced online.

It was shared by the account @GTAFocal, although, as claimed by dataminer HeySlickThatsMe, this is not the original source. Initially, the track, recorded over 10 years ago, was posted in 2021 on Patreon by Nathan Williams, the leader of the band Wavves, which contributed to the music for GTA 5. However, it might have been created by another group, Sweet Valley, consisting of Nate and his brother. The artist did not specify, using only the pronoun “we”. The composition was titled Clifford 2 May 29, indicating the existence of “Clifford” long before GTA Online, but at that time it was likely not an AI, but something else. The release is attributed to an anonymous user who chose to remain unnamed, as the authors could track them through their subscription, a fact later picked up by thematic communities. It is also unknown why Rockstar Games chose not to use this piece in “Online”.