GTA 1, GTA: London, and GTA 2: A Quarter Century to the Second “London” Yesterday at 11:40 PM OPla G480

Few, even among fans, remember that the events of Grand Theft Auto took place outside the US. Twice they were set beyond the borders of the most prevalent country in popular culture. This, of course, refers to GTA: London, two expansions to the first installment.

In our quest to establish the exact release date of the DLC, we reached out to the original developers, but received no response. It’s not surprising — the “London” expansions were created not by the office in Scotland, although with its support, but by Rockstar Toronto (then Rockstar Canada) — the main team was busy with the sequel. (Interestingly: Scots were making a game about the States, Canadians — about England.)

Different sources cite the release date for GTA: London 1969 as either April 29 or 30, 1999. Therefore, there’s still some debate. As for GTA: London 1961, it’s simpler, despite occasional mentions of the first day of summer and overall less coverage. The second expansion, exclusive to PC and entirely free, was released exactly 25 years ago — on July 1, 1999. This can be confirmed by a news release from the old Take-Two pages, which became the series’ rights holder shortly before that.

Rockstar Games' official website mistakenly lists an entirely different release date for GTA: London 1969. The page for the next expansion isn’t there at all.

Fortunately, the GTA: London 1961 release date has been preserved in the depths of the Internet.

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