God of War Ragnarök’s finishing is a little bit of a cop-out

Kratos stands somberly as Asgard falls to ruin around him in the end of God of War Ragnarok.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment using Polygon

For a game regarding a world-ending uproar of fire as well as blood, God of War Ragnarök certain blows over. The ending for Santa Monica Studio’s newest, out currently for PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5, is as pleasing as it is thematically audio. It additionally misses out on an opportunity to do the take on point — leading to an innovative misfire that, in my mind, holds Ragnarök back from success.

[Ed. note: This post contains full spoilers for the final act of God of War Ragnarök.]

Just so we’re on the exact same web page regarding what I’m describing: Kratos lives, which, whatever, that’s penalty. After the credit ratings roll, however, you proceed playing as him. That’s much less great! God of War Ragnarök had an opportunity to do something absolutely unforeseen with its endgame: It might have placed you in the footwear of Atreus. Instead, by selecting back up after completion credit ratings with Kratos taking place an additional all-expenses-paid murder spree with the 9 worlds, Ragnarök counts on the “keep killing everything in sight to find trinkets” formula that’s specified big-budget video clip games for a generation.

Kratos, Freya, and Mimir gaze out over the war-ruined frozen lake of Midgard in the ending to God of War Ragnarok.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment using Polygon

To be clear, I mainly delighted in God of War Ragnarök’s finishing. The last phase is a whizbang flurry of spins, transforms, as well as indulgent if senseless deus ex-spouse machina minutes. Watching Kratos, Atreus, Freya, as well as their allies tornado Asgard is truly impressive according to the initial meaning, fit to be checked out by some guy called Homer — a sensation that’s emphasized even more by author Bear McCreary’s wall-rattling instrumental setup. Switching in between usable personalities at vital minutes throughout the critical fight — a microcosm of the changing point of views that specify Ragnarök’s act breaks — enhances the trip the personalities have actually taken place throughout this game. The last battles versus Thor as well as Odin are bonkers, specifically that component where Atreus breaks a prop from the 1994 film The Mask in fifty percent. And the wrapping up minutes, when the heroes leave with a portal developed by Angrboda as a currently essentially large Surtr hits Asgard with a sword that’d make Cloud Strife envious, is official edge-of-your-seat things.

Part of why it’s edge-of-your-seat things, however, is that you enter into the end of the world preparing for Kratos’ fatality. His fatality obtained foreshadowed a fair bit, nevertheless. At completion of God of War (2018), Kratos sees a pythonic image that he thinks is a foretelling of his very own fatality, as well as he actively conceals it from Atreus. A couple of phases right into Ragnarök, Atreus finds out the exact same prediction; it’s kinda the entire prompting occasion of this game. So for 2 hrs of extreme fight series, you’re awaiting this large, remarkable point to occur. It never ever does.

Atreus holds Odin as Odin turns into a bunch of little blue soul dust in God of War Ragnarök.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment using Polygon

Why not? Because Faye — Kratos’ partner as well as Atreus’ mother — evidently ruined the genuine prediction, which represents Kratos as an adored leader of the 9 worlds. As for the initial prediction, which portrayed an older male passing away in Atreus’ arms, Odin’s fatality in this game looks noticeably comparable. Both are called “father,” if we have to divide hairs, as well as both have beards. It’s a maddeningly refined link that skates by on a triviality.

Right prior to the credit ratings roll, Atreus understands he has someplace to be. Remember just how, previously in the game, you find out real destiny of what occurred to the titans? And just how they’ve been constrained to a number of marbles that look a lot like the souls from the 2009 indie comedy Cold Souls? They require assistance, evidently, as well as — this is vital — Atreus states he’s gotta do it on his very own. Father as well as child accept, leading to Kratos absolutely paying attention to his child for probably the very first time ever before. Then Atreus ranges a high cliff as well as vanishes.

Kratos and Atreus embrace and have a nice moment at the end of God of War Ragnarok.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment using Polygon

You’re left having fun as Kratos, come with by Freya, reaching function tidying up the postwar mess throughout the worlds. You walk around, searching for as well as removing “pieces of Asgard.” What this suggests, generally, is that you hang out searching down as well as eliminating tiny sets of Asgardian soldiers; due to Reasons, they evidently can’t be encouraged that Asgard definitively shed the battle. You can additionally discover as well as fight 12 exceptionally tough ghost soldiers as well as eliminate them completely. Oh, as well as you can locate Odin’s last continuing to be lieutenant — as well as, go number, eliminate her. For a man that’s lastly located the goddamn solitude he’s been food craving, Kratos certain invests a great deal of time on the combat zone.

A much better choice: The endgame was a crucial chance for God of War Ragnarök to draw a Red Dead Redemption as well as cast you as Atreus for the postgame. He’s a totally usable personality in Ragnarök, full with his very own ability tree, adjustable capacities, as well as fight toolkit. Some individuals (hi there) also discover him more effective to manage contrasted to his slower, bulkier daddy.

Under this theoretical, the endgame collection of goals would certainly rather see you aiding titans, instead of selecting off the rest of Asgard’s military. These goals might also happen in the exact same places! Any remaining artefacts? No trouble — in among the game’s far better view tricks, Atreus verified he can open up upper bodies simply great. Like his father, Atreus also has the endless supply room perk that features being a god. Plus, I’m sure an arrowhead is equally as efficient obtaining pesky environment-friendly ravens as Kratos’ spear is.

In knowledge, it’s noticeable that Kratos wasn’t ever before mosting likely to pass away and even hang up his tools, a minimum of not in a long-term method. There are too many errant 100% meters to finish in this game, as well as you as a gamer have actually spent method excessive time beefing up Kratos’ stats and armor. Plus, in a franchise business this financially rewarding, you gotta leave some area for follows up. (In 2021, programmer Santa Monica Studio said Ragnarök is completion of “the Norse saga,” yet significantly did not state it’s completion of the collection.)

God of War Ragnarök is inevitably regarding attempting to transform on your own on an essential degree, to establish an instance for your kids as well as for anybody else that adheres to in your footprints. But in its last mins, the game unintentionally makes the situation for just how damn tough that truly is.


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