Free Vampire Survivors follower game HoloCure is so prominent the devs needed to switch off its leaderboards

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It’s based upon Vampire Survivors, Magic Survival, and also * checks notes * vtubers

(Image credit report: Cover/ Kay Yu)

Virally prominent activity game Vampire Survivors has actually currently generated a follower game called HoloCure which has actually additionally taken off in appeal, to the factor that its devs needed to disable its overloaded leaderboards.

HoloCure, which is readily available free of charge through (opens in new tab), is mechanically comparable to Vampire Survivors, though it additionally suggestions its hat to the mobilegame Magic Survival (opens in new tab) Basically, you walk the display hoovering up loot while your accumulated tools and also capacities immediately mulch up groups of adversaries. The crucial distinction is that, rather than Castlevania- esque seekers and also beasts, HoloCure stars numerous digital YouTubers from the team Hololive, therefore the name. There’s additionally a gacha auto mechanic where you roll for various vtubers, yet it sets you back in-game money rather than genuine cash.

Hololive is amongst the most significant names in vtubing, and also its enormous checklist of abilities additionally consists of YouTube’s most-subscribed vtuber,Gawr Gura On top of that, a fast YouTube search reveals that Vampire Survivors was greatly played by several Hololive banners, so there was absolutely a target market to be discovered right here– and also HoloCure definitely discovered it.

“Due to the incredible amount of people playing, the scores data load has become too much for what we are able to keep up with and we have to restructure it in a future update,” lead designer Kay Yu (opens in new tab) described on Twitter after revealing that HoloCure’s leaderboards would certainly be briefly shut off.

“We anticipated maybe a few thousand people to play, which seemed reasonable, but it turns out there are almost 50,000 downloads in less than 24 hours, and 20gbs worth of data downloaded from the scores database,” they included.

HoloCure’s dev group fasts to keep in mind that the game was made in conformity with standards established by Cover, the moms and dad firm overHololive The game definitely appears to have actually passed the firm’s criteria, as several Hololive abilities have actually currently streamed it, commonly with 10s of thousands seeing.

This resembles one follower job that’s not in danger of a takedown, and also the group behind HoloCure is preparing to include even more personalities and also capacities in future updates.

“Our small team wants to focus on new content and bugfixing first and foremost at this time,” theItch io web page checks out, keeping in mind that “there are no plans for a mobile version.”

Vampire Survivors is now available on Xbox Game Pass, and also do not rest on it– it’sone of the most elegantly designed games of the year




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