Fortnite Fortbyte areas – Fortbyte 76 historial diorama location, Fortbyte 68 snowy guide store, Fortbyte 80 bunker basher volcano

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The Fortbytes challenge panels in Fortnite. None of the panels in the screenshot have been unlocked.

Today’s Fortnite Fortbyte problem requires you to look to the previous by visiting a historic diorama in an insurance coverage firm constructing of all locations. Fortbytes been happening a short while now and although some are straightforward, others will want the Battle Pass to be bought in an effort to full these challenges. To make issues simpler, we’ve up to date the desk in order that it has every of the hyperlinks to the Fortbyte you’re in search of. There are 100 in whole and I will probably be going over all of them. Wish me luck.

Wish me luck as a result of challenges that unlock each few days means I’m going to need to replace this web page lots.

Now into its ninth season, Fortnite is a worldwide juggernaut on the subject of simply how well-liked it nonetheless is. There’s nonetheless lots to find out about not solely getting that all-important “Victory Royale”, but in addition the adjustments to the map because the seasons progress. For some newbie’s ideas, be sure to go to our principal Fortnite guide hub for each single factor it’s worthwhile to know to get began. Alternatively, you’ll be able to head again to our Fortnite week 4 challenges information for an summary of all of the weekly challenges for this Season in Fortnite.

Fortnite Fortbyte areas information

This information will comprise all of the unlockable areas for every of the Fortbytes in Season 9 and element any areas for Fortbytes that may be obtained in-game.

The Fortbytes screen with a few of the panels unlocked.

Fortnite Fortbyte problem checklist

Finally, here’s a desk detailing all the at the moment out there Fortbyte challenges. This consists of the challenges listed beneath which I’ve included hyperlinks to the particular challenges. I’ve additionally included the challenges that depend on finishing challenges, rating high locations in common games, or gaining expertise for Battle Pass ranges. I’d advise that you simply use the search performance within the high proper hand nook of the desk for the problem you’re in search of – utilizing the problem quantity is an effective begin.

Fortbyte Challenge Number Fortbyte Challenge Description Is it at the moment doable?
1 175,000 xp Yes
6 Accessible with Yay! Emote at an ice cream shop in the desert Yes
7 Accessible by using the Cuddle Up Emoticon inside a rocky umbrella Yes
8 Found in Junk Junction Yes
10 60,000 xp Yes
13 Loading Screen #2 No
16 Found in a desert house with too many chairs Yes
17 Found inside a wooden fish building Yes
22 Accessible by using Rox Spray in an underpass (Neo Tilted) Yes
24 Hidden in Fatal Fields Yes
25 Battle Pass Tier 40 Yes
26 Accessible with the Bunker Jonesy outfit near a snowy bunker. Yes
31 Found at meteor crater overlook Yes
32 Accessible by wearing Kyo Pet Back Bling at the northern most point Yes
35 225,000 xp Yes
36 Sentinel skin on frozen island sure
39 Awarded for finishing 6 challenges from Week 2 Yes
41 Accessible by using the Tomatohead Emoticon inside the DurrrBurger restaurant. Yes
42 Awarded for finishing 6 challenges from Week 3 Yes
44 Battle Pass Tier 20 Yes
46 Battle Pass Tier 100 No
47 Found between a Reboot Van, pirate camp, and a crashed battlebus Yes
50 Accessible at night time inside mountain top castle ruins Yes
54 Awarded for finishing 6 challenges from Week 4 Yes
55 Found within Haunted Hills Yes
57 Top 10 end in Squads, or Duos, or Solo 25 occasions. Yes
64 Accessible by Rox on top of Stunt Mountain Yes
66 Top 10 end in Squads, or Duos, or Solo 75 occasions. Yes
68 Found within a snowy town book shop. Yes
71 Complete 6 challenges from Week 1 Yes
72 Found within Salty Springs Yes
74 Found in a filing cabinet inside an assassin’s basement on the desert coast Yes
76 Found behind a historical diorama in an insurance building Yes
77 Found within a track side Taco shop Yes
79 Found within an arcade Yes
80 Accessible by using the Bunker Basher Pickaxe to smash the rock at the highest point of the volcano rim Yes
81 Accessible in the daytime near a mountain top cactus wedge Yes
82 Accessible by solving the Pressure Plate puzzle NW of The Block Yes
84 Battle Pass Tier 60 Yes
85 30,000 xp Yes
87 Top 10 end in Squads, or Duos, or Solo 50 occasions. Yes
88 Found somewhere within map location J3 No
90 Top 10 end in Squads, or Duos, or Solo 100 occasions. Yes
91 Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen 4. Yes
92 Accessible by using Rock Love Spray near a lavafall Yes
96 Battle Pass Tier 80 Yes
99 125,000 xp Yes

A giddy player standing outside the ice cream parlour.

Fortbyte 6 – Accessible with Yay! Emote at an ice cream store within the desert

The ice cream store is within the desert, present in Grid Reference I7, is near the race-track to the east of it. You’ll have to have unlocked the “Yay!” emote, which fortunately solely wants you to get Rank 14 on this present season. It’s a free unlockable, so no Battle Pass is critical.

A couple of players gathered in the excavated umbrella handle, showing the cuddle up emoticon of a pink bear.

Fortbyte 7 – Accessible by utilizing the Cuddle Up Emoticon inside a rocky umbrella

West of Lazy Lagoon, particularly at Grid Reference E3. There is a rocky umbrella that’s truly within the hollowed out of the bottom. Head to the deal with to seek out the Fortbyte. You’ll want to make use of the Cuddle Up Emoticon to disclose it, which fortunately solely requires you to have achieved degree six on the Free cross. This isn’t all that onerous in the event you’ve accomplished among the different challenges. Find out extra on that in our  Fortnite week 4 challenges information.

The Fortbyte that is located in Junk Junction.

Fortbyte 8 – Junk Junction location

Right close to the centre constructing of Junk Junction, the place Grid Reference B1/B2 cross over, there’s a pallet with a bedside desk, and a nasty trying mattress. This is simply earlier than the door to the decrease degree and has a damaged TV close to it too. The Fortbyte you search is on the mattress.

The loading screen doesn't have the clue, but the description does.

Fortbyte 13 – Loading Screen Week 2 Fortbyte location

Where that is referring to is the outhouse discovered close to the dinosaurs in Grid Reference I9. Head to the south of the highway the place the highway turns and also you’ll see a constructing. Go to the outhouse behind it to seek out the Fortbyte. There’s been experiences that you simply don’t have to have accomplished all of week 2’s challenges to seek out the Fortbyte, so simply go to the outhouse and nab that Fortbyte when you’ll be able to.

Someone likes chairs so much that they've stuffed sofa chairs into the windows of this desert house.

Fortbyte 16 – Desert home with too many chairs

Someone actually likes chairs in Grid Reference H9/H10. This is the village alongside the highway to Lucky Landing from Paradise Palms and also you need to take a look at the home that has a bunch of chairs in its home windows in direction of the southern a part of the village. If one other participant that’s most unkind has shot the chairs out of the window frames, it’s the purple home that’s on the southern level. Head inside and seize the Fortbyte in direction of the again of the property.

Inside of the back fin of the wooden fish building in Fortnite's hot springs.

Fortbyte 17 – Wooden fish constructing location

Head for the new springs in direction of the north-east of the map, particularly the realm at Grid Reference G2. It’s the south-western spring that can home the wood fish. Simply enter its again fin to seek out the following Fortbyte piece at water degree.

A lot of Rox Sprays on one wall near an underpass in Neo Tilted. The Fortbyte is active.

Fortbyte 22 – Rox Spray underpass location

In the south-western a part of Neo Tilted, which is at Grid Reference D6, there’s a massive underpass the place bigger vehicles might feasibly undergo. To the left of a damaged down truck and trailer, there’s a wall with a Fortbyte phased out. You’ll want to make use of the Rox Spray to disclose it, which not solely requires you to have the Battle Pass, however obtain degree six – which admittedly isn’t all that onerous in the event you’ve accomplished among the different challenges. Find out extra on that in our  Fortnite week 4 challenges information.

Inside the art room of the big house in Fatal Fields, there is a Fortbyte next to the easel.

Fortbyte 24 – Fatal Fields location

You can both land on the island at Grid Reference F8 from the preliminary drop, or simply head into the home manually. This is the biggest home within the space and takes up the south-eastern a part of the grid reference. When you enter, you’ll hear the Fortbyte unlock, so head upstairs to the primary flooring. From there, head to the top of the corridor and into the right-hand door that’s furthest away from the steps. This is the artwork room and it is best to see it nestled between the easel and the desk.

Fortbyte 26 – Bunker Jonesy snowy bunker location

This one ought to be comparatively apparent, however in case you’ve gotten by no means visited the bunker at Grid Reference B10/C10 on the small island. There is a small hut close by to the west which homes the Fortbyte.

The Fortbyte is on this overlook that looks over Dusty Divot.

Fortbyte 31 – Found by meteor crater overlook

You want to move to Dusty Divot, particularly in direction of the Grid Reference F5. Head in direction of the indicators which have binoculars on them and also you’ll finally come to part of the constructing that’s been destroyed. You’ll discover the Fortbyte in the course of the platform.

Not wearing the Kyo Back Bling but showing the northern-most point in the map.

Fortbyte 32 – Accessible by sporting Kyo Pet Back Bling on the northern most level

The northern-most level of the map is simply barely to the north-east of Junk Junction on the tip of Grid Reference C1. You’ll see a small formation of rocks close by and that’s the place the Fortbyte is. In order to unlock it nonetheless, you’ll have to have the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass bought and your rank must be a lofty Level 28. As lengthy as you’re sporting Kyo, you’ll have the ability to unlock the Fortbyte.

Dressed in the Sentinel skin, the furthest of the two frozen islands to the south-west of the map that has ziplines going to and from it, contains the Fortbyte.

Fortbyte 36 – Frozen Island location

For this one, it’s worthwhile to guarantee you’re sporting the Sentinel pores and skin. This is among the two skins which might be unlocked by shopping for the Battle Pass (This prices 950 V-Bucks – the premium forex within the game). Equip it and leap into any common match. You can both land on the island at Grid Reference B9/B10 from the preliminary drop, or use the close by ziplines to make your means over. When you get there, head for the southern-most level of this tiny island and it is best to see a immediate saying that it’s locked. Provided you probably did equip the Sentinel Skin, this can unlock so that you can acquire.

The DurrrBurger Restaurant kitchen has a secret Fortbyte inside.

Fortbyte 41 – Accessible by utilizing Tomatohead Emoticon contained in the DurrrBurger Restaurant

For this one, it’s worthwhile to guarantee you’ve gotten unlocked the Tomatohead Emoticon. This is one Emoticons unlocked by shopping for the Battle Pass (This prices 950 V-Bucks – the premium forex within the game). Rank as much as degree Three and equip the Emoticon earlier than leaping right into a game.

You’re trying to land in Neo Tilted, particularly within the DurrrBurger restaurant between Grid Reference D5/D6. You can’t actually miss it because it has a large holographic burger above it. Upon touchdown, head inside and across the again of the tills to discover a kitchen. to seek out the phased out Fortbyte, then use the Emoticon to make it seem.

The Fortbyte found between the pirate camp, battle bus, and reboot van. It's in a forest.

Fortbyte 47 – Found Between Reboot Van, Pirate Camp, and Crashed Battlebus location

Grid Reference E3 results in a forest simply to the west of Lazy Lagoon. If you want a reference level to seek out this one, the Pirate Camp is on high of a hill simply to the north of the Fortbyte, so from there, head south by means of to the following space. Head south and barely to the west and finally you’ll come throughout a dense forest with the Fortbyte surrounded by timber.

The Fortbyte reveals itself inside the Castle Ruins in the mountain east of Haunted Hills.

Fortbyte 50 – Accessible at night time time inside mountain high citadel ruins

For this one, you’ll want to make sure it’s nighttime. Keep restarting games of Team Rumble till it’s darkish as you start, then drop into the citadel ruins simply to the east of Haunted Hills. This is at Grid Reference B3 and is in the principle citadel ruins construction. You could have to drop in from the highest and make your means down barely, however it’s in direction of the highest of the citadel.

Fortbyte location in Haunted Hills - north-eastern crypt in the main part of Haunted Hills.

Fortbyte 55 – Found in Haunted Hills

Head to Haunted Hills in Grid Reference B2. The north-eastern crypt in the principle space, not the ruined church to the east of Haunted Hills, is the place the Fortbyte is positioned. This requires no different issues to unlock and is comparatively straightforward to seek out.

Rox standing in front of the Fortbyte at Stunt Mountain

Fortbyte 64 – Accessible by Rox on Stunt Mountain

If you don’t know the place Stunt Mountain is, it’s the massive mountain in Grid Reference C4/C5. You’ll should be sporting the Rox pores and skin to unlock this one. This is among the two skins which might be unlocked by shopping for the Battle Pass (This prices 950 V-Bucks – the premium forex within the game).

Fortbyte 68 – Found in a snowy city guide store

Head to Happy Hamlet in Grid Reference D9. You’re in search of the guide store named “McGuffin’s” in direction of the north-west of the city. Ascend the steps and also you’ll discover it on the primary flooring of the store.

The Fortbyte in Salty Springs is inside an upturned red lorry that's in the middle of the road.

Fortbyte 72 – Salty Springs

Salty Springs isn’t the most important of areas, however in the event you don’t know the place to look, you’ll waste numerous time in search of this Fortbyte. It’s in Grid Reference F7 and might be discovered by approaching the upturned truck in the course of the highway within the centre of Salty Springs. There aren’t any different situations to unlock this Fortbyte.

Inside the Assassin's basement in the desert coast.

Fortbyte 74 – Found in a submitting cupboard inside an murderer’s basement on the desert coast

Another straightforward one this. Head to Grid Reference J8, which is simply to the east of Paradise Palms. There’s a condominium within the space and one of many set of stairs heading downwards is in direction of the entrance of the property – to the western edge. Head downstairs and it is best to see a submitting cupboard near the Persian rug.

The insurance building in Neo Tilted. The dioama is just to the right of the reception desk as you walk in the main southern entrance.

Fortbyte 76 – Found behind a historic diorama in an insurance coverage constructing

You’re in search of the huge insurance coverage constructing in Neo Tilted that’s simply to the south of the town. It’s positioned on the road between Grid References D5 and D6. Once you stroll by means of the principle entrance to the south, you’ll see a reception desk with “No Sweat Insurance”. To the proper is a small diorama that’s cordoned off. The Fortbyte you search is simply behind it.

The Taco shop you need to visit that's next to the race track in the desert.

Fortbyte 77 – Found inside a observe aspect Taco store

A pleasant straightforward one this, as you solely want to go to the Taco store by the race observe. Head to Grid Reference I7 and it is best to see the Taco store in direction of the southern-part of the race observe. Inside you’ll discover the Fortbyte, which you’ll acquire with none additional necessities.

The Fortbyte in the arcade inside Mega Mall.

Fortbyte 79 – Found inside an arcade

Head to the second flooring of Mega Mall at Grid Reference H6 and also you’ll see an arcade. Behind the counter is the place you’ll discover the Fortbyte. It has no additional necessities apart from discovering it, so go and nab it whilst you can.

The small rock to the left of the player is the rock you need to hit with the Bunker Basher pickaxe.

Fortbyte 80 – Accessible by utilizing the Bunker Basher Pickaxe to smash the rock on the highest level of the volcano rim

God that problem title is lengthy isn’t it? You’ll have to have levelled up your Free problem rewards as much as Level 38 to even try this problem. Once you’ve gotten, head to the highest of the volcano, near Pressure Plant, at Grid Reference H3/H4. 

The Fortbyte is in a pile of bones next to a collection of Cacti in a wedge shape on top of a mountain in the desert.

Fortbyte 81 – Accessible within the daytime close to a mountain high cactus wedge

Head to Grid Reference I8 and be sure to head to the height of the mountain to the south-east of Paradise Palms. When you get there, you’ll see some cacti in a wedge form and a pile of bones subsequent to it. Provided it’s at the moment daytime, or sunny in-game, then the Fortbyte piece will probably be out there to gather.

The Pressure Plate puzzle for the Fortbyte near The Block.

Fortbyte 82 – Pressure Plate puzzle NW of The Block

This one goes to be a little bit of a faff to organise. If you’ve gotten a gaggle of pals, a full squad to be exact, then three of it’s worthwhile to step on the three plates at Grid Reference D1, which has the small assortment of timber close to The Block.

The fourth member will then have to snag the Fortbyte puzzle piece. Play honest and take it in turns to step on the plate for the opposite gamers to seize the Fortbyte as nicely, as a result of no person likes that one that quits out of the game earlier than everybody’s grabbed their Fortbyte piece.

Standing next to the Fortbyte in Grid Reference J3.

Fortbyte 88 – Found someplace inside map location J3

Grid Reference J3 is the patch of land in direction of the north-east of the map, between Sunny Steps and Lonely Lodge. You’ll want to move in direction of the realm between the airfield and the lodge by the cliff. By among the timber, you’ll see the Fortbyte within the open.

The fourth member will then have to snag the Fortbyte puzzle piece. Play honest and take it in turns to step on the plate for the opposite gamers to seize the Fortbyte as nicely, as a result of no person likes that one that quits out of the game earlier than everybody’s grabbed their Fortbyte piece.

Outside the keyboard shop is an ATM. The Fortbyte is inside. You don't need to have completed the week's challenges to unlock this Fortbyte.

Fortbyte 91 – Found at a location hidden inside Loading Screen 4

Grid Reference I8 will lead you to the highway of Paradise Palms. You’re in search of the ATM that’s simply exterior of the Keyboard King store. Inside the ATM is the Fortbyte, which you’ll fortunately acquire with out prior information of the loading display screen.

By spraying the Rock Love spray onto this wall next to a lavafall, you'll unlock the Fortbyte.

Fortbyte 92 – Rock Love Spray lavafall location

South of the Pressure Plant -at Grid Reference H4, the wall it’s worthwhile to spray is on the massive island within the river of lava. You’ll have the ability to see the Fortbyte hollowed out. If you’ve gotten the Rock Love spray outfitted, you’ll have the ability to spray onto the wall behind it and the Fortbyte will materialise. To unlock the Rock Love spray, you simply have to get to Season degree 2. You don’t even have to have bought the Battle Pass to unlock it.

This concludes our Fortbyte challenges information, however we’ll be updating this web page as extra Fortbytes are unlocked. For extra on the weapons themselves, take a look at our Fortnite weapons information, the areas to seek out them might be present in our Fortnite locations, whereas the checklist of the automobiles within the game are in our Fortnite vehicles information.