Fire Emblem: Three Houses character recruitment information: the right way to get each scholar to affix your home

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One main side of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is your selection between the three titular homes, which determines your preliminary solid of fighters. That needn’t be your squad for the entire game, nonetheless – with some effort, you may steal characters from rival homes.

Recruiting completely different characters to affix your military is a Fire Emblem collection staple, however in Three Houses it really works somewhat in another way in gentle of the academy school-based setting, with you working to attempt to get characters to affix your class.

Once you’ve chosen one of many Three Houses, you’ll have entry to eight characters from that home, making for 9 deploy-able models while you embody the protagonist. You may like all of these models, or maybe solely like a few of them – however the excellent news is that you may poach from different homes, with a couple of exceptions. The home chief and their fast aide of every home can’t be recruited for apparent causes. The aide is the character you at all times see with them in story scenes, like Hilda for Claude.

How Character Recruitment works in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

First of all, we suggest that you just get to know the assorted college students of the monastery after you’ve made your home selection. Use your free time to discover and chat to everybody – it’ll provide you with an concept of their personalities and even their talent set, and that’ll assist you to to resolve who you may wish to be a part of your trigger. Once you’ve acquired a goal in thoughts, your capacity to recruit them is outlined by three factors:

  • A selected one of many protagonist’s talent ranges
  • A selected one of many protagonist’s stats
  • The assist degree between the protagonist and the recruitment goal

Exactly what’s required will range from character to character, although a C-rank or above appears to do the trick most often for each expertise and assist ranges. You can elevate expertise by means of utilizing expertise in battle and thru school coaching, whereas your assist degree is decided by your private relationship with that character, as is Fire Emblem custom. Support Rank will be raised by giving presents, returning misplaced gadgets, spending time with characters by consuming with them and alluring them to tea or by combating alongside them for those who invite them to affix your squad on a extra momentary foundation.

As a warning, at some extent a methods into Fire Emblem Three Houses the story takes a big flip – and at this level your recruitment may stick or is perhaps undone by the assorted story goings-on, however don’t panic – ultimately, recruited characters will discover their approach again to you a method or one other. These occasions additionally open up some extra recruitment choices – and we’re working so as to add these to this record over the approaching days.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Recruitment Requirements

Character Requirements House
Anette MAG & Faith Blue Lions (Kingdom of Faerghus)
Ashe CHA & Lance Blue Lions (Kingdom of Faerghus)
Bernadetta STR & Bow Black Eagles (Adrestian Empire)
Caspar STR & Brawl Black Eagles (Adrestian Empire)
Dedue Unrecruitable Blue Lions (Kingdom of Faerghus)
Dorothea CHA & Authority Black Eagles (Adrestian Empire)
Felix SPD & Sword Blue Lions (Kingdom of Faerghus)
Ferdinand DEX & Heavy Armor Black Eagles (Adrestian Empire)
Hilda Unrecruitable Golden Deer (Leicester Alliance)
Hubert Unrecruitable Black Eagles (Adrestian Empire)
Ignatz DEX & Authority Golden Deer (Leicester Alliance)
Ingrid DEX & Flying Blue Lions (Kingdom of Faerghus)
Leonie STR & Lance Golden Deer (Leicester Alliance)
Linhardt MAG & Reason Black Eagles (Adrestian Empire)
Lorenz CHA & Reason Golden Deer (Leicester Alliance)
Lysithea MAG & Faith Golden Deer (Leicester Alliance)
Marianne MAG & Riding Golden Deer (Leicester Alliance)
Mercedes MAG & Bow Blue Lions (Kingdom of Faerghus)
Petra DEX & Riding Black Eagles (Adrestian Empire)
Raphael STR & Heavy Armor Golden Deer (Leicester Alliance)
Sylvain CHA & Reason Blue Lions (Kingdom of Faerghus)