Final Fantasy XIV appears to weirdly begin imposing datamining guidelines

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Several Final Fantasy XIV gamers have reported receiving short-term bans for ‘datamining’ – digging round within the game’s information recordsdata to seek out traces of upcoming content material and share the shock. The MMORPG’s guidelines do forbid this nevertheless it’s nonetheless a shock to see it enforced. Players do that in all types of stay games nowadays, ever hungry for sneak peeks forward of the advertising and marketing schedule. It’s a bizarre solution to deal with followers.

Massively Overpowered reviews that a number of gamers report being suspended for “showcasing unreleased game content” they discovered by digging round in information recordsdata utilizing unofficial instruments. It appears Square Enix are snooping a bit themselves, attempting to determine the identities of people that shared mined content material on social media and slapping them with short-term bans. In response to this hostile local weather, the unofficial FFIXV Reddit discussion board’s Discord server has disabled its datamining channel and gamers are warning one another to be cautious.

FFXIV’s rules explicitly ban information mining, saying “You may not intercept, mine or otherwise collect information from the Game using unauthorised third party software.” I perceive why they may have such a clause. I don’t perceive why they might implement it for minor innocent infractions.

I personally would quite be stunned by new content material when it really launches in a game however I perceive others are all the time hungry for each snippet and trace. They get pleasure from being a fan differently to me, and that’s superb. Squeenix should know they’ll’t cease folks from doing this, they’ll solely make folks be barely extra cautious and launch their datamined particulars sufficiently anonymised to be untraceable. And as soon as one thing is on the market, it’ll be shared freely anyway.

Some on Reddit speculate that the corporate are zealously opposing datamining after indignant gamers claimed datamining performed an important and unfair position within the success of the primary group to complete the most recent raid. The declare sparked messages with all of the tact, sense of proportion, and respect for human life that the Internet is famed for. This could be a bizarre solution to attempt to calm that state of affairs however hey, Internet. This is theory from some gamers, to be clear, not Squeenix’s official rationalization for what they’re as much as.

Statisticians could also be questioning what any of this has to do with datamining, the method of utilizing machine studying to course of enormous quantities of knowledge and uncover uncommon patterns unfeasible for people to identify. I don’t know what to inform you. Video games borrowed the phrase to imply digging via information recordsdata, and right here we’re. It’s too late to get folks to change to a smart time period like ‘cybergold panning’, ‘K0nm4r1’, ‘MUDraking’, or ‘fucking about in the files’.

FFXIV does have bizarre guidelines. While the MMORPG has fancy tools for performing music, you’re not allowed to carry out different folks’s songs. All these fantastic instruments and also you’re not allowed to play All Star on the digituba. Even in the event you do stick with cowl variations of the game’s personal soundtrack, you’re not allowed to file and share performances of three particular songs.


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