Final Fantasy 15 information: easy methods to discover and kill a Cactuar for large expertise

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How to search out and battle a Final Fantasy traditional.


Final Fantasy 15 information: easy methods to discover and kill a Cactuar for for large expertise

It’s barely unusual to suppose that an excitable, dancing cactus is without doubt one of the most iconic enemies of one of many greatest RPG franchises of all time… however it’s. Go determine. Cactuars additionally seem in FF15, however they’re remarkably uncommon.

I noticed one in a preview session for the sport months in the past and when it cropped up the PR chaperone squealed with delight – throughout all of the demos, even he hadn’t seen one. In my play-through of the ultimate recreation, I didn’t see one for over 30 hours.

If you realize the place to look, nonetheless, you’ll find yet one more simply. There’s three varieties of Cactuar in FF15 – the common Cactuar, the Slactuar and the Gigantuar.

The Cactuar and Slactuar are present in the identical areas so far as we will inform. You’ll be capable to discover them in Leide simply north-west of Hammerhead and north of Longwythe on the map. They additionally undoubtedly seem in Duscae, and are usually discovered across the Perpetouss Keep enemy base space.

Both of those enemies have a really low probability of spawning and so far as we will inform will principally achieve this because the solar begins to rise – from 5am on, however not into the afternoon. You’ll need to dangle round one among these areas so much and use the monster-summoning whistle merchandise in your L2 menu to maintain summoning and spawning monsters till ultimately one among them is a Cactuar or Slacktaur.

Cactuar will attempt to run, so that you’ll need to attempt to lock it down quick. It’s weak to Daggers and Gun kind weapons. Avoid hearth magic, because it resists that. Ice or Thunder are simply high quality, nonetheless. The identical applies to Slacktaur.

Gigantuar is discovered as a part of a hunt within the recreation – so we received’t spoil particulars on that.

Oracle Ascension Coins and Cactaur Needle – the spoils of your battles

First off – each the Cactaur and Slactuar are value 3333 EXP. That’s so much, particularly for a (comparatively) low-level enemy. Kill and money in! Beyond that the pair additionally drop helpful gadgets.

Cactuar enemies drop Oracle Ascension Coins. These helpful gadgets will be traded for high-value gadgets and kit at a vendor in Altissa, but in addition make for highly effective magic boosting gadgets when crafting spells.

Slactuar will drop the much-needed Cactuar Needle merchandise. This merchandise doesn’t have as a lot long-term utility because the needles, however is required for some weapon improve quests for Cid to improve some machine-type weapons.

When you end up in want of 1, go Slactuar looking. Keep in thoughts that in some ways the Cactuar and Slactaur look and appear equivalent, and the latter is the rarer of the 2 – so that you is perhaps at it for some time.