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ONE N’ ONLY electronically launched a brand-new tune called “Freaking Happy” on Nov. 14. This uplifting number concerning the spirit of heading right into the future was included as the signature tune for television Tokyo’s five-day occasion from Nov. 15 commemorating the broadcaster’s upcoming 60th wedding anniversary in 2024.

ONE N’ just commemorated its 5th wedding anniversary this year. In this brand-new meeting, participants HAYATO, REI, TETTA, NAOYA, EIKU, and KENSHIN talked with Billboard Japan concerning their most current launch, being touched to join television Tokyo’s 60th wedding anniversary events, and likewise share stories from their recurring scenic tour extending all 47 prefectures in Japan qualified ONE N’ BOODLE ~ Hook Up!!!!!! ~ that began in October.

Your brand-new tune “Freaking Happy” is being included as the style of television Tokyo’s 60th wedding anniversary events. Good task!

ALL: Thank you!

It’s a quite significant linkup task for you. How did you all respond when you initially listened to the information?

HAYATO: We were so psyched! We were outlined it when we were with each other and it took all of us by shock. 

“Freaking Happy” is an actually favorable and energised number.

REI: It’s a terrific tune, isn’t it? It has a pleasant feeling and is positive, the sort of song that’ll raise you up when you hear it in the early morning. If you pay attention to it daily prior to you head out, I’m sure you’ll feel its impact. [Laughs]

KENSHIN: I actually couldn’t think it when this linkup came with and resembled, “Is this about us?” It didn’t really feel genuine. It sufficed that we were welcomed to do on such a significant songs program, so we’re delighted that our tune was selected as the style for the celebration. The lineup of the songs program has actually been introduced and every act is a heavyweight, and because we’ve been asked to do along with them, we mean to do so with our heads held high.

NAOYA: It’s a shock that a track of ours was selected as the style for television Tokyo’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration and I’m actually thankful. It’d be wonderful if even more individuals are familiar with us with this linkup and our boodle (ONE N’ just followers) expands in numbers. Above all, we’re actually thankful to be able to do on a songs program similar to this, and want to do a great task so various other EBiDAN teams can comply with in our footprints.

HAYATO: It’s a feel-good tune and is unabashed concerning it. I wish it makes individuals grin when they hear it. I’m sure the occasion will certainly be a great deal of enjoyable also, so it’d behave if our tune ends up being a component of individuals’s excellent memories.

EIKU: It’s a quite uncomplicated track and very easy to chip in. A truly enjoyable tune that’ll bring our boodle and us with each other also more detailed.

KENSHIN: You’re ideal.

EIKU: It offers me this feeling of collaborating with those that have actually sustained us and not simply among ourselves. Not just will it make individuals really feel favorable, yet it’ll likewise be a great possibility for them to learn more about what we’re everything about.

Such a memorable number is in fact quite uncommon in the team’s brochure.

TETTA: Right. You recognize what, however, we haven’t picked the choreography yet. But when the track repeated the audio speakers throughout the mic examination at our 47-prefecture scenic tour a few days ago, it was so joyful and while I was singing it, I maintained assuming just how it’d be a lot enjoyable if our boodle were below.

Since the linkup was a final bargain, that have to imply your routine for finding out choreography and firing a video and whatnot have to likewise be limited.

NAOYA: Yes, the EP was established for launch in December, so we’ve been working with the choreography and recording while likewise doing the 47-prefecture scenic tour. We’ve been investing high quality time.

What will the choreography resemble?

HAYATO: We intend to make the choreography catchy to match the tune. We were assuming it’d behave to have a dancing component that every person can copy on TikTok. We intend to provide an efficiency that will certainly leave a perception also after one watching.

TETTA: I might generate (the choreo), you recognize.

REI: Hey guy, don’t bother. [Laughs]

HAYATO: His concepts never ever fly! [Laughs]

TETTA: I recommend concepts like, “How about moving our hands like so” from time to time, yet they’re never ever thought about. Why?

HAYATO: You’re constantly a little bit also straight. Like if the verses state “run,” you’d recommend a running movement, right? You equate things also actually.

TETTA: So that’s why! [Laughs]

HAYATO: You can do your very own choreo when you go solo sooner or later…

TETTA: Why? [Laughs]

HAYATO: But for this tune, I asked a professional dancer that’s around our age, Rena (Hattori), to manage it. I sense (the dancing) will certainly go viral!

It’s a large task. Was it your concept to ask Rena to do it, HAYATO?

HAYATO: Yes. She’s actually active so I was prepared to be refused, yet she kindly concurred to do it and I’m thankful for that. We had an on-line conference and…

TETTA: Was she wonderful? Does she appear stringent?

REI: Is that what you’re fretted about? [Laughs]

TETTA: I imply, I’ll enter difficulty if she’s also stringent. [Laughs]

You’re a global celebrity, you have it in you to deal with a little bit of strictness.

TETTA: Will do my ideal! [Laughs]

HAYATO: It’s a quite significant cooperation, so if it obtains individuals speaking about us, that’d be wonderful. Rena is recognized for her appealing choreography, so I’m sure we’ll have the ability to reveal a great dancing efficiency that’s not also very easy and makes use of our toughness.

What will the video resemble?

NAOYA: The video will certainly be guided by Shintaro Sakai, that has actually generated video clips for INI and NiziU. He fires actually beautiful visuals utilizing advanced innovation and records light and the layout so magnificently in his jobs, so I can’t wait to start capturing.

It appears like you individuals are going up to the following degree in regards to the visuals and songs and choreography. Since your brand-new tune has such a favorable ambiance, our following concern is, that has one of the most favorable expectation nowadays?

(Everyone besides TETTA takes a look at him.)

TETTA: What? We’re all favorable!

REI: Well, you’re constantly basically the exact same. But you’re so loud!

TETTA: That’s due to the fact that when I’m really feeling down or when I’m peaceful, I instantly obtain drowsy.

HAYATO: Just by being peaceful?

TETTA: Yeah. I obtain significantly sluggish. So I need to maintain myself hyped up!

KENSHIN: Is that favorable? [Laughs]

NAOYA: It’s definitely energised. [Laughs]

HAYATO: I value that he’s constantly joyful, in excellent times and negative.

EIKU: Whenever it seems like something is taking place, it’s generally TETTA fooling around. [Laughs]

REI: It’s enjoyable to view when it’s enjoyable, yet it depends upon the circumstance. Sometimes he can’t review the area, you recognize what I imply?

TETTA: I review spaces simply great!

I think it’s good for an energised team to sing a favorable number due to the fact that it’ll amp up the power.

HAYATO: You’re actually proficient at placing points back on course.

Thank you. [Laughs] You’re presently in the middle of your residential scenic tour extending all 47 prefectures. How’s it presuming?

TETTA: We’ve just done 4 programs, yet it’s been a great deal of enjoyable. In the much more backwoods, we’ve been executing in tiny “live houses” (cocktail lounge) and so forth. I’m constantly mindful of the electronic cameras in big locations, yet in smaller sized ones, I can look everyone in the eye and sing. Of training course I attempt to keep in mind to do so in big locations, yet it’s a great deal of enjoyable executing while seeing just how every person’s doing. Also, the acoustics are various at each place therefore are our corresponding placements, so I seem like I’ve found out a great deal concerning just how to manage such points.

EIKU: Most of all, it actually advises me of when we initially started. We utilized to do in tiny locations when we initially made our launching, so points like examining the illumination and doing our very own make-up really feel actually acquainted. I’ve been bearing in mind things from our very early days while executing. Also, the ambiance in each place is totally various.

KENSHIN: It actually is various, isn’t it? That’s why I believed it was really purposeful to visit all 47 prefectures. We’ve explored Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and various other significant cities prior to, yet there were boodle we couldn’t fulfill due to the fact that it was tough to go. Now we can actually see them all and we’ve been so psyched concerning it. Like a few days ago, we mosted likely to the Hokuriku location (northeastern component of Japan’s primary island) that we don’t reach see frequently, and enjoyed to see many regional individuals there! We can connect with our followers in the smaller sized clubs we’re executing at, and it seems like our capability to do live programs has actually really enhanced.

You’re improving at hyping up the target market.

KENSHIN: Yes. We likewise alter the means we mix points up. Since we’re taking a trip to a great deal of locations, it wouldn’t be fascinating if we did every little thing the exact same. The participants are having a great deal of enjoyable, also.

NAOYA: Because we’re so near to boodle, the performances really feel much more spontaneous. The means the target market gets involved in the songs is various, and the means the phases are established is likewise various, so it’s actually enjoyable. The established checklist modifications everyday and we likewise have collections, so I really hope individuals appreciate themselves.

REI: There are points we can do just on tiny phases, and due to the fact that we’re close to the target market, the sight where we are is likewise various. At this factor, I simply intend to do my ideal to make it with the whole scenic tour. Personally, I’m expecting mosting likely to Shikoku. I had some bonito tataki in Kochi when, and it was astonishingly excellent.

KENSHIN: I intend to attempt the udon (noodles) in Kagawa also.

NAOYA: Udon in Kagawa is actually excellent.

KENSHIN: Can’t delay to attempt some! We had a sauce katsudon (pork cutlet offered in addition to a dish of rice) and fish and shellfish in Hokuriku and they were incredible!

HAYATO: Yeah, that was wonderful. We’re likewise delighting in the taking a trip little bits, also. It nearly seems like a college journey, so I intend to maintain having a good time as we bill with this scenic tour. The routine is fairly jam-packed and there are durations we can’t go back to Tokyo, so I’m intending to take pleasure in that also while we’re at it. I’m simply actually satisfied that we’re able to visit all 47 prefectures now in time. The team is commemorating its 5th wedding anniversary and we’re tighter than ever before, so we intend to maintain collecting rate from this factor onward.

EIKU: We likewise mosted likely to Brazil (this year). Oh, therefore much each people has actually been remaining in our very own resort spaces.

NAOYA: Yeah! 

HAYATO: But all of us wind up obtaining with each other to go a warm spring or something.

TETTA: We’re making an initiative to see vacationer destinations with each other throughout this scenic tour. Most lately, we mosted likely to a park with windmills in Kashiwa, Chiba.

Where will you precede the Toyosu PIT program (in Tokyo)?

KENSHIN: What? Lalaport Toyosu (shopping center)?

HAYATO: No question concerning it. [Laughs]

EIKU: I can actually feel us improving throughout this scenic tour, so I’m actually expecting seeing where we stand when we complete it.

NAOYA: After exploring around Japan, we’re doing a program at Pacifico Yokohama, which I’m sure will certainly be an incredible view. It’ll be the most significant place we’ve ever before done in, and simply thinking of the sight from the phase offers me really feels.

You’ll be transferred to rips.

REI: KENSHIN will certainly weep.

KENSHIN: What? Of training course I’ll weep! I nearly wept when the Pacifico Yokohama program was introduced!

TETTA: KENSHIN constantly weeps, so it makes me remain tranquil.

HAYATO: It doesn’t make you weep in compassion?

TETTA: REI generally stands alongside me and he’s rational, to make sure that soothes me down, also. [Laughs]

REI: KENSHIN weeps excellent rips. I’m expecting it. [Laughs]

KENSHIN: OK. [Laughs]

This meeting by Kana Yoshida initially showed up on Billboard Japan



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