Every Marvel Snap place (as well as what they do)

A photo of a game of Marvel Snap, featuring the locations The Hub and Onslaught’s Citadel, and various cards, on an iPhone.

Image: Second Dinner/Marvel

Unless there’s a Scarlet Witch in play, Marvel Snap gamers are constantly beholden to the places that offer throughout the very first 3 rounds of every suit. These themed locations can take upend tried-and-tested decks, making your most effective cards resemble youngsters’s toys. This overview will certainly go through what places are, information the results of every place we’ve located until now, as well as supply some helpful suggestions as well as techniques for managing some specifically complicated places.

How Marvel Snap places function

During every game of Marvel Snap, 3 arbitrary places will certainly expose themselves, one round at once, throughout the centre of the game board. Each place uses a modifier that influences that certain lane of the game. Some are quite straightforward to manage — take Central Park, which includes a Squirrel card to every place, or Lemuria, which protects against cards from obtaining exposed for a turn.

Some, nonetheless, can supply even more of an obstacle. On Crimson Cosmos, for instance, you can’t play cards that set you back 1, 2, or 3 power. Not wonderful if your deck is piled with lower-cost cards. The Nexus, at the same time, uses its rating to all various other places, transforming the lane right into a high-stakes battlefield.

A photo of a game of Marvel Snap, featuring the locations Oscorp Tower, The Nexus, and Dark Dimension, and various cards, on an iPhone.

Image: Second Dinner/Marvel

Each place additionally has a rarity; some will certainly show up greater than others. However, these prices are extremely tough to forecast. Plus, Marvel Snap consistently cycles in a “featured location,” which generates with greater regularity. As an outcome, it’s finest to prepare a dynamic deck than prepare for areas with complicated results. It’s additionally worth keeping in mind that, on some events, the exact same place can turn up two times in a suit, creating some intriguing obstacles. Here’s the complete checklist of every place we’ve located until now in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap place checklist

Location Effect Location Effect Asgard After turn 4, whoever is winning right here attracts 2 cards Atlantis If you just have one card right here, it has +5 Power Attilan After turn 3, shuffle your hand right into your deck. Draw 3 cards. Avengers Compound On transform 5, all cards have to be played right here Bar Sinister When you play a card right here, load this place with duplicates of it Baxter Building Whoever is winning this place obtains +3 Power at the others Bifrost After turn 4, relocate all cards one place to the right Central Park Add a Squirrel to every place Cloning Vats When you play a card right here, include a duplicate to your hand Crimson Cosmos Cards that set you back 1, 2 or 3 can’t be put right here Daily Bugle Get a duplicate of a card in your challenger’s hand Danger Room Cards played right here have a 25% opportunity to be ruined Dark Dimension Cards right here are not exposed till the game finishes District X Replace both decks with 10 arbitrary cards Dream Dimension On transform 5, cards set you back 1 even more Ego Ego takes control of as well as plays your cards for you Elysium Cards expense 1 much less Fisk Tower When a card relocates right here, damage it Flooding This is the last turn cards can be played right here Flooded Cards can’t be played right here Gamma Lab After turn 3, change all cards right here right into The Hulk Grand Central After transform 5, placed a card from each gamer’s hand right here Hala After turn 4, damage all cards managed by the gamer shedding right here Hellfire Club Cards that set you back 1 can’t be played right here Hell’s Kitchen Draw a 1-Cost card from your deck Isle of Silence Ongoing results are impaired right here K’un-Lun When a card relocates right here, offer it +2 Power Kamar-Taj On Reveal results take place two times at this place Kyln You can’t play cards right here after turn 4 Knowhere On Reveal results do not take place at this place Lemuria No cards are exposed this turn Lechuguilla When you play a card right here, shuffle 3 rocks right into your deck Limbo There is a turn 7 this game Los Diablos Base After turn 3, mess up an arbitrary place Luke’s Bar When you play a card right here, return it to your hand Machineworld When you play a card right here, include a duplicate to the challenger’s hand Mindscape At the beginning of turn 6, swap hands Miniaturized Lab On transforms 3, 4, as well as 5, no cards can be included right here Mirror Dimension On turn 4, change right into among the various other places Mojoworld Whoever has even more cards right here obtains +100 Power Monster Island Add a 9-Power Monster right here for every gamer Monster Metropolis The card(s) with the highest possible power right here obtain +3 Power Muir Island After each turn, offer cards right here +1 Power Murderworld After turn 3, damage all cards right here Necrosha Cards right here have -2 Power Nidavellir Cards right here have +5 Power Negative Zone Cards right here have -3 Power New York On turn 6, you can relocate cards to this place Nova Roma Draw a card Olympia Draw 2 cards Onslaught’s Citadel Ongoing results right here are increased Oscorp Tower After turn 3, all cards right here exchange sides Project Pegasus Get +5 power this turn Ruins No result Sakaar Put a card from each gamer’s hand right here Sanctum Sanctorum Cards can’t be played right here Savage Land Add 2 Raptors on each side of this place Shadowland Add a Ninja to every side with -2 Power Sewer System Cards right here have -1 Power Shuri’s Lab When you play a card right here, increase its power Sinister London When you play a card right here, include a duplicate to one more place Sokovia Discard a card from each gamer’s hand Stark Tower After transform 5, offer all cards right here +2 Power Strange Academy After transform 5, relocate all cards right here to various other arbitrary places Subterranea Shuffle 5 rocks right into each deck The Bar With No Name Whoever has the least Power right here wins The Big House Cards that set you back 4, 5 or 6 can’t be played right here The Hub Add an arbitrary card to every gamer’s hand The Ice Box Give a card in each gamer’s hand +1 expense The Peak Each card in your hand swaps its Power as well as Cost The Raft First to load this attracts a 6-cost card. It sets you back 0. The Space Throne Only one card can be right here for every gamer The Superflow If you have no cards right here, +1 power each turn The Triskelion Fill each gamer’s hand with arbitrary cards The Vault On turn 6, cards can’t be played right here Tinkerer’s Workshop Get +1 power this turn Titan 6-Cost cards set you back 1 much less TVA After turn 4, finish the game Wakanda Cards right here can’t be ruined Wakandan Embassy Give +2 Power to cards in gamers’ hands Warrior Falls After each turn, cards right here FIGHT! Destroy the weakest one(s) Washington D.C. Cards right here without any capabilities have +3 Power Weirdworld Both gamers attract from their challenger’s decks Westview Turns right into a brand-new place on turn 4 Worldship Destroy the various other places X-Mansion After turn 3, include an arbitrary card right here for every gamer Xandar Cards right here have +1 Power

Tips for having essential Marvel Snap places

New York

A heck of a place, New York allows you relocate cards right into the area on turn 6. The technique is not to play cards right into this room early so you can make a decision later on whether it is something worth contesting. Once transform 6 rolls about, it’s worth examining whether relocating cards is still a practical choice. Keep in mind that some cards take advantage of relocating also; when tallying up opposing cards, it’s worth looking for any kind of increases from relocations that they might acquire.


The Ego place allows the AI take the wheel, playing cards for you versus your will. The opportunities of coming toe-to-toe with this holy being aren’t likely, yet it’s still an excellent examination of your deck’s adaptability. While there isn’t a details technique to managing this area, it’s a tip that constructing a deck with a natural style can, generally, be your conserving poise.

Sanctum Sanctorum

Sanctum Sanctorum doesn’t permit gamers to put cards, yet don’t stress, that doesn’t secure you out totally, as cards like Nightcrawler can still be relocated right here. Options for cards that include additional power to the table, like White Tiger or Squirrel Girl, can additionally be helpful right here. Mr Fantastic is additionally a terrific play, as he can include +2 to surrounding places.

Gamma Lab

You’d believe transforming every little thing right into the Hulk would certainly be a true blessing, yet it can additionally be a curse. With Gamma Lab, all cards dipped into the area become the Hulk after turn 3.

The impulse may be to unload every one of your low-cost, low-power cards right here to load the room, providing you a substantial amount of power as well as securing that place as a win. However, there are several end results to this challenge.

If both gamers load the room, it might finish in a draw for the place, implying you’ll require to have even more power on the various other 2. Alternatively, the opposing gamer might rub the overall card rating with Iron Man or Ironheart. With Gamma Lab, dedicating to the area yet leaving tactical shake space is a secure relocation. Marvel Snap is everything about ahead preparing, whether it’s leaving a card area for your very own Iron Man revenge or having some rubbing cards in your hand that can include additional power.


Did I simply discuss ahead preparing? If you see the TVA turn up, scrap that. The TVA finishes the game at turn 4, implying you need to adjust — quickly. If you obtain captured by the TVA, as well as your deck has no inexpensive cards, you’ll remain in a little bit of difficulty. The TVA acts as a tip of the vibrant nature of Marvel Snap greater than anything. The finest choice right here is to attempt as well as make use of the various other places to your benefit as well as obtain as much power out of them as you can. If easily accessible, Elektra would certainly be a terrific choice right here, as her capacity enables you to place a card out while eliminating among your challenger’s.


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