ESRB rating for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guarantees impalement, revealing outfits, and a “gorgeous beach physique”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth characters
(Image credit rating: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth seems like a rather wild time in its freshly released ESRB rating, which information teen-level material like impalement by sword, revealing attire, alcohol usage and smoking cigarettes, and a personality extoling their “bodacious beach bod.”

Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake prior to it, Rebirth has a Teen score under the ESRB extensively because of “Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence.” 

More especially, the ESRB states Rebirth has battle “highlighted by impact sounds, cries of pain, and explosions.” There’s likewise splatters of blood and “characters impaled or slashed by swords, sometimes with slow-motion effects,” and also “an assassin throwing a spinning blade at a targeted figure” and “characters shot by soldiers.” It do without stating that word of a personality spiked by a sword has actually elevated warnings amongst long time FF7 followers for evident factors. 

Violence isn’t the only aspect of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that necessitates a Teen score. According to the ESRB, “some female characters are designed with revealing outfits (e.g., deep cleavage)” and “suggestive dialogue sometimes accompanies camera panning/close-ups of characters’ bodies/outfits.” 

One personality obviously also spouts this treasure of a line: “Just admit it. You’re obviously captivated by my bodacious beach bod.” The summary does not call the personality in charge of this act of brazen braggadocio, yet to me it seems like a Zack Fair point to claim.

There’s some alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes taking place in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that worried moms and dads must understand about, although this will not stun any kind of huge followers of the collection. The ESRB states Cloud can consume “a version of moonshine while at a bar” and “cutscenes sometimes feature drunk characters slurring their speech.” 

“A handful of scenes depict characters smoking cigars or out of hookahs,” the score summary proceeds. I’m looking at you, Cid.

Finally, you can anticipate your potty-mouthed event to utter such awful wrongs as “sh*t, a*shole, and pr*ck” at different factors throughout the tale.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth recently nabbed the coveted Most Wanted award at The Golden Joystick Awards 2023, and with this newest guarantee of all kind of symptomatic actions, it’s most likely to just obtain even more preferred. The follow up launches February 29.

Have I pointed out Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s open world was inspired by The Witcher 3 and Horizon?



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