Emilee Moore Shares the Inspiration Behind Her Coachella Billboard Performance and New Single ‘Hanging On’

Emilee Moore

Emilee Moore

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For Coachella participants, also driving to the celebration is enjoyable. Leading approximately Palm Springs, Calif., motorists can delight in a line of imaginative signboards advertising numerous items, tunes and celebration efficiencies along the highway.

Emilee Moore, nevertheless, wished to take it an action better complying with the launch of her unifying brand-new track, “Hanging On,” which completely records just how difficult going on desires a broken heart. “I wanted to do the most epic, grand thing for this song, and Coachella was just around the corner,” she informsBillboard “I thought, billboards are so related to Coachella, and that would be a perfect place to perform. Not only are we catching people who love music, but we also might reach some people who are escaping their heartbreak for the weekend and going to a festival to not think about an ex.”

For the singer-songwriter, there’s absolutely nothing much better than an indicator from deep space– so why disappoint various other sad songs fans an actual indication? “When I was going through my worst experience with heartbreak, I was always looking for a sign and I would find meaning in literally everything I could because I just wanted to feel less alone and feel understood,” she claims. “I really just wanted to make a literal sign where it’s like, ‘This is your sign. You’re not alone in those feelings.’”

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The signboard additionally includes an individual link in between Moore and her committed follower base. Leading approximately the task, she asked her followers to send her things that maintain them fittingly “hanging on” to a previous partnership, and she got every little thing from love letters and precious jewelry to tee shirts and tiny ornaments. “There’s so much history to these objects,” she spurts, obtaining noticeably psychological. “I have chills even thinking of it.”

Moore after that joined a designer to produce a heart on the signboard included pictures of the fan-sent things. “It just allowed me to have a further connection with them,” she claims of the signboard and her followers. “It felt so powerful and impactful.”

However, the signboard is simply the suggestion of the iceberg when it pertains to Moore’s “connection” with her fanbase. Many of them have actually been following her given that the start of her profession, and her Instagram remarks area teems with individual tales and a sensation of security in the vocalist’s songs. How did she expand so close with her followers so rapidly? “Vulnerability,” she claims, “I always try to be as open as possible and I really try to express things that people are afraid to talk about so that I can validate those feelings for people. Then, they’re willing to open up to you and they’re willing to connect with you on a deeper level.”

She proceeds, “I guess the biggest thing for me is anytime I’m trying to think of what I want to do for a release or on my social platform, I take it back to my younger, heartbroken self and I think about what I needed in those moments and I try to create that on my page. If you look on my Instagram, for example, you’ll see a lot of movie scenes, you’ll see heartbreak quotes and those are not random, but they’re very specific to my experience and heartbreak and when I would see those growing up, I would feel less alone.”

As for suggestions for her followers if they’re “Hanging On” to broken heart, Moore claims to put in the time to recover. “Let yourself feel, and not push away the feelings because they’re too painful,” she shares.“Let it hit you and you let it wash over you like a wave in those moments and then you can start to heal little by little. There’s no rush. It’s not a race. You don’t have to move on at the same pace your friends are or other people in your life. It’s you and your heart and only you can heal in the right timing.”



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