Earn as much as 10,000 Microsoft Rewards factors only for enjoying Xbox Game Pass games

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Xbox Game Pass members can now earn Microsoft Rewards factors only for enjoying games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

By finishing quests, Xbox Game Pass members can now earn as much as 10,000 reward factors. For each Gamerscore level you get, you’ll earn one Microsoft Rewards level.

Complete this quests between September 19-28 to earn as much as the aforementioned 10,000 factors which equates to $10.

These factors could be redeemed within the Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox Gift Cards, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and extra.


How you’ll earn theses factors will differ relying on the game performed. For occasion: if you happen to full one Achievement in Devil May Cry 5, you’ll earn 100 factors. Complete an Achievement in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor every, and earn 300 factors.

If you’re enjoying Blair Witch and full any quest, you’ll be handed the The Blair Witch Project movie.

Sounds fairly easy contemplating you’ll earn Achievements simply by enjoying taking part games.

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