Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21.0, 1.21.20 and 1.21

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Download Minecraft PE 1.21.0, 1.21.20 and 1.21 for free: find rare items in suspicious sand, use ancient shards to craft new decor, and more!

MCPE 1.21

Minecraft PE 1.21.0, 1.21.20 and 1.21 Release

The developers are improving the biomes of the game by adding details in the form of new wood, additional functions and useful items. Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21.0 players can become real explorers of ancient ruins, find components for crafting and even plant unusual seeds.


Thanks to some items for archeology, players can become owners of rare valuables. The brush will help to clean the surfaces of such blocks as suspicious sand or gravel to find pottery shards under them.

Decorative Pot

By the way, to craft an unusual decorative pot in Minecraft PE 1.21.0, 1.21.20 and 1.21, players need to collect four unique shards.


Many players lacked animals from the real world living in the forest. In Minecraft 1.21.0, 1.21.20 and 1.21, users can easily meet deer, which they can catch and kill to get new meat. For players, this is a neutral creature that does not pose a threat. But bears may well attack if they are angered, for example, to approach their babies.


Another creature that will help the player in survival is a Sniffer. It’s something like a dinosaur, and it can find seeds of different plants using its sensitive nose. If the character follows the Sniffer, he will see the creature digging the ground in the right places. Thus, the mob discovers interesting plants, for example, torchflower.


To spawn this unusual mob, the player should take an egg and put it on a moss block.


Before the developers published the MCPE 1.20.0 edition, players could visit the Cherry Grove only by downloading and installing mods for Minecraft Bedrock with this biome.

Cherry grove

Now users can not only admire the beautiful views of these territories, but also extract resources there. For example, wood for their buildings.

One of the most beautiful Minecraft PE 1.21.0, 1.21.20 and 1.21 locations is the maple forest. Here players can collect unique wood for their buildings, admire the golden-colored trees and even extract syrup from maple as a new food.

Armor customization

One of the unique options that Minecraft 1.21.0, 1.21.20 and 1.21 players can use is the decoration of armor and shields. To get updated items, players must first go in search of templates. They will also need Smithing table. The search should be arranged on the territory of deserts or Trail Ruins.

Armor decoration

Changing the shield will be simple for the player if he has a banner: he will need to connect these items.

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