Director of Helldivers 2 Explains the “Unbelievable” and Silly Physics as the Result of Simulating Everything and Accepting the Outcome

A screenshot from Helldivers 2 showing a player shooting towards a huge explosion.
(Image credit report: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Helldivers 2 followers are surprised by the game’s physics, which, according to the game’s innovative supervisor, arises from “simulating everything and just accepting the outcome.”

Helldivers 2 is just one of the standout offerings of 2024, and with excellent factor, it’s an extremely well-put-together shooter that amuses in all elements, from its satire-filled story to gameplay that entirely accepts turmoil. Whether you’re being secured by a savage Charger or a friend not worried regarding pleasant fire, Helldivers 2 makes your failing incredibly enjoyable.

This is mostly to designer Arrowhead Games’ use excessive ragdoll physics. If you have actually yet to see exactly how it remarkably plays right into the game’s funny component, you require to look no more than the video clip listed below uploaded by @Helldiversmedia. “The physics in this game is UNBELIEVABLE,” the gamer states.

The clip was identified by none aside from Arrowhead Games’ chief executive officer and innovative supervisor Johan Pilestedt, that, in the comments, clarifies the group’s method when developing this type of player-made funny. “It’s the philosophy of simulating everything and just accepting the outcome that creates these moments,” he states.

It’s not just followers that value the game’s remarkable physics; designers from Naughty Dog, Infinity Ward, and Bulletstorm co-creator People Can Fly have actually likewise had plenty of appreciation for the computer animations and absence of clipping when those unfavorable Helldivers are flung around the battleground.

There’s plenty much more prospective for minutes of funny gold in the future, as well, as gamers have actually found obvious evidence of flying Terminids also blue lasers in the game. The last apparently mean the return of the Illuminate intrigue, the infamous foes from the very first game.

Helldivers 2 isn’t simply excellent co-op, it’s a masterclass in developing funny games.

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