Diablo Immortal insect remains to set you back gamers numerous XP regardless of hotfix

Players are reporting losing out on as much as 5 million XP

Diablo Immortal's Skarn holds a gem above his head
(Image credit history: Blizzard)

Diablo Immortal has a fight pass insect setting you back gamers thousandses of XP, regardless of Blizzard’s previous hotfix for the problem.

As found by PCGamesN (opens up in brand-new tab),Diablo Immortal gamers are presently having problem with the game’s fight pass. According to a number of individuals on Reddit, the game isn’t fulfilling gamers with XP when levelling up their fight pass. Some gamers have actually also reported losing out on as much as 5 million XP, which is a great deal to lose out on because of no mistake of their very own.

Just the other day, Blizzard revealed (using Reddit (opens up in brand-new tab)) that it had actually launched a hotfix for the problem gamers have actually been experiencing, whilst additionally assuring to supply the shed XP to those that lost out whilst the insect existed in thegame However, simply a couple of hrs later on, records that the problem had actually not been fixed started resurfacing on Reddit once again.

“Battle Pass XP bug still not fixed as of Monday, July 25, after weekly rest,” one user (opens up in brand-new tab) creates. “There was a post by a community manager that said the Battle Pass XP bug was hot fixed. I just levelled my Battle Pass up after the weekly reset and I did not receive any XP for doing so. This is at least the third level that I have not received any XP for now,” the article proceeds.

Other gamers have actually disclosed simply just how much XP they’ve lost out on whilst Diablo Immortal has actually been slowed down by this insect; “I lost more XP this week. 3 [million] this week, and 2 [million] this week”, another player (opens up in brand-new tab) disclosed. Blizzard is yet to upgrade the neighborhood on one more, much more steady, solution yet ideally another thing is being done behind the scenes to quit gamers from losing out on a lot XP.

Despite the problems it’s been having with pests, its delayed launch in China, as well as a prospective botting problem, Diablo Immortal has actually been fairly a success forBlizzard Officially releasing early last month,Diablo Immortal has now topped over 20 million installs As of June 18, Diablo Immortal had generated $24 million, as well as over a month later on currently, we can just picture just how much this quantity has actually expanded.

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