Developer recognizes you can not defeat Knights of the Old Republic 2 on Nintendo Switch

an image of a jedi attacking four different characters with lightening at the same time

Image: Obsidian Entertainment/Aspyr/Lucas Arts

The craze of The Sith is endless, therefore are insects ingames

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords ( KOTOR 2) was launched over 17 years back, however the Nintendo Switch port has a game damaging insect that makes it difficult to finish thegame Developer Aspyr Media recognized the insect in atweet on Monday

Aspyr Media launched The Sith Lords toNintendo Switch on June 8 In a marketing tweet of the game, Twitter individual Daniel Moore responded to the tweet asking if the business understood that there is no chance to finish the game, defining that they were stuck on the Onderon Basilisk collision for a “week now.” In reaction, the business claimed that it’s a “known issue” however it can not provide a projected day for a repair.

The Sith Lords is a third-person activity game initially created byObsidian Entertainment The game adheres to an only Jedi that embarks on an objective to obstruct the Sith story to damage theJedi Similar to previous games in the Knights of the Old Republic, it’s up to the gamer if they’ll accept the Dark or Light side of theForce It’s a very early treasure of Star Wars video clip games as well as has actually because been ported to mobile devices, MacOS, as well as Windows COMPUTER.


Source: Polygon


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