Destiny – easy methods to get the brand new Exotic Machine Guns Nova Mortis and Abbadon in The Dawning

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With The Dawning winter event now live in Destiny, you might be questioning easy methods to purchase these new,Exotic Machine Guns.

The video from Arekkz above with show you how to get your palms on Nova Mortis and Abbadon, often known as the Void and Solar model of Thunderlord.

Both are obtained from the identical quest chain, which begins with Nova Mortis and ends with Abbadon. The quest kicks off as soon as the participant hits Rank 7 in the new Record Book and the large current behind the Tower is opened, utilizing Xur’s tag.

The latter is a consumable acquired as soon as Rank 7 is hit, and when the current is opened, the search Songs from the Void shall be added to your log. Note that it’s important to do the Nova Mortis quest first earlier than beginning the Abbadon quest.


Once you will have been given the search Songs from the Void, go have a chat with Ikora Rey to get the backstory for the search. She will ship you off to talk with Banshee-44 who desires you to get 100 factors of Void means kills. This could be achieved in a wide range of methods, however Arekkz heads to the Temple of Corta within the video to get the variety of factors wanted.

When this has been achieved, return to the Tower and converse with Banshee-44 who tells you Nova Mortis must be activated. In order to do that you have to to finish the Abomination Heist Strike. You don’t want to finish it at a tough setting, simply go do it. Once you will have achieved this, return to the Tower once more, converse with Ikora and Nova Mortis is yours.

At this level you can begin the Abbadon quest, but it surely’s barely bugged in the intervening time in that Ikora may have a mark above her head indicating she has a quest. Don’t let that confuse you, since you really need to talk with Commander Zavala on the different finish of the desk.


Here, he’ll kick off the search for Abbadon – which suggests you have to to go converse with Banshee-44. Again. Once you chat with Banshee, the Hymns of Fire quest shall be handed out.

Here, you have to to realize 100 factors of Solar means kills. So, similar type of quest chain, completely different factors. Go again to the place you acquired your Void factors, get the factors, return to Bashee and he’ll ship you off to the Shield Brothers Strike.

Once accomplished, return to the Tower, hand it in to Commander Zavala and also you now have Abbadon. That’s that. Super simple, not a convoluted quest chain, only a little bit of working round.

Arekkz mentioned the perks on each variations of the Thunderlord are similar to the present model of the machine gun, the one distinction being the weather.

Destiny’s The Dawning occasion runs by way of January three.