Destiny Festival of the Lost – easy methods to get the Superblack Shader

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The Superblack Shader has been floating round within the Destiny database since Year One, and folk have been making an attempt to determine easy methods to purchase it. Wonder no extra. It’s now accessible via the Festival of the Lost occasion and it revolves round raisins and different treats.

Quit word: if you happen to deleted the raisins you beforehand had in your stock, don’t fret.

According to Arekkz, the Superblack Shader could be yours by buying and selling sweet to NPCs across the Tower. Once accomplished, gamers will obtain a assured drop, which is a bag containing the Shader… and a stick of celery. Its function just isn’t recognized at current, nevertheless it’s purported to be Xur associated.

Anyway, right here’s the way you’ll earn the Superblack Shader per the video above:

  • Start the Festival of the Lost quest chain by visiting Eva Levante within the Tower.
  • She will instruct you to go to numerous NPCs within the Tower to earn sweet.
  • Go go to Eris Morn first and she’s going to hand you raisins.
  • Take your raisins to the Speaker, hand them over together with 25 motes of Light.
  • You will them be handed a small field containing Ascendant Raisins.
  • Take these to Commander Zavala who’s situated within the Vanguard battle room.
  • He will commerce you the raisins for a Salted Sweet.
  • Then go go to the Cryptarch, hand him the Salted Sweet and he offers you a Winged Chew.
  • Take the Winged Chew to the Shipwright, give it to her, and you’ll purchase Spliced Drops.
  • Go again to the Vanguard battle room, hand the drops to the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6.
  • Take the Unchocolate Cayde-6 provides you for the Spliced Drops to Eris Morn who fingers over a Bag of Treats.
  • Open the bag and one can find two gadgets: the Superblack Shader and the celery.

And that’s it. The fetch quest has ended, and you bought one thing cool for all of the operating round.

Arekkz says to hold on to the celery simply in case it’s wanted for commerce or a quest. It could possibly be nothing, however once more, it could possibly be Xur associated.

The Festival of the Lost is now stay in Destiny: Rise of Iron and runs via November eight.