Destiny 2’s brand-new Lightfall trailer networks Spider-Man and also a famous Year 1 scene

Bungie went down a fresh appearance at Destiny 2 Lightfall earlier today, and also it goes all-in on the Neptunian city of Neomuna along with the opponents and also allies we’ll satisfy there.

The cyberpunk ambiance of Neomuna remains to motivate definitely bumping songs, and also this is our finest consider the neon-lit city yet. Neomuna’s horizon has a brand-new accessory in this trailer: a huge sculpture in the similarity of recently assigned Darkness basic Calus, placed to the front of a big-ol’ battlewagon in one of the most Calus- like action feasible.

Calus will certainly be a significant gamer in Lightfall, and also going by this trailer, he’s still a braggadocious smartass that’s tough to really dislike. He’s obtained some brand-new close friends, also, most especially the threatening Tormentors that appear around one min right into the trailer to significantly reenact among the specifying minutes of Destiny 2’s opening Red War project. Maybe it’s simply me, however the long odds of our Guardian dropping after obtaining the life (and also Light) removed of them advises me of the kind welcoming that Dominus Ghaul offered us in the past.

A couple of various other shots leap out, also, and also I’m not simply discussing the Spider- man-grade Strand- moving. For beginners, we quickly look a Vex Network- esque landscape around 1:11. I do not see any kind of Vex about, however the Cabal revealed below can conveniently be Vex simulations. It would not be the very first time we’ve battled electronic residues in this platforming Rubik’s dice. Alternatively, perhaps the Shadow Legion has utilized Vex technology for its very own ways? That, or this is simply some Vex- like gibberish prepared by theDarkness

I’m additionally really right into the fish tank revealed 26 secs in, so since it addresses one inquiry I’ve had considering that Beyond Light: where did the Exo Stranger obtain that amazing Ghost Fish, and also where can I obtain one?

Bungie recently asked the Destiny 2 community for feedback in advance of Lightfall, and also kid did it obtain some.




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