Destiny 2 The Witch queen overview: Weapon crafting and also products

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen weapon crafting

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Weapon crafting is a significant brand-new attribute inDestiny 2: The Witch Queen And while the game does most likely to significant sizes to guarantee you comprehend exactly how to craft (called Shape) and also alter your crafted things (Reshape), there’s a couple of money you’ll need to manage to completely understand what’s taking place.

In this Destiny 2 overview, we’ll educate you all the numerous money for tool crafting, exactly how to develop them, exactly how to obtain patterns, and also exactly how to develop the tool of your desires.

Update (Sept 19): This overview was upgraded to mirror the simplification of the system seen in the blog post-Witch Queen periods.

The money

Scientifically talking, there are a buttload of money in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen‘s brand-new crafting system– although considerably less since Bungie has actually tidied up the system.

Here’s a check out what they do and also exactly how to obtain them:


You’ll require a great deal of Glimmer (Destiny 2 for “money”) to craft, however you obtain this from every little thing. If you require a lot more, you can trade sources with Master Rahool in the Tower.

Resonant Alloy

Resonant Alloy originates from taking down Legendary tools. You’ll normally obtain one each time you take apart a purple weapon, and also you’ll require 5 to develop a brand-new weapon from the ground up and also unlock its Intrinsic perk. If you intend to after that Reshape the tool with an Enhanced Intrinsic (primarily, even more statistics), you’ll require 20 Resonant Alloy.

Harmonic Alloy

Harmonic Alloy resemble Resonant Alloy but also for raid tools. You’ll obtain one each time you take apart a tool from a raid (you can just hold 50 at the same time), and also you’ll require 5 to develop a brand-new raid weapon– much likeResonant Alloy If you intend to craft a great deal of raid tools– specifically if you intend to provide improved advantages– it’s ideal to keep as numerous raid tools as you can in your Vault as soon as you’ve gotten to the Harmonic Alloy cap.

Resonant Elements

Resonant Elements are the basic crafting money you’ll make use of whenever you make something brand-new or make adjustments. You’ll obtain 300 Resonant Elements whenever you finish aDeepsight Resonance weapon (which we’ll get to shortly) If you take apart a Deepsight Resonance tool, you’ll just obtain 100 Resonant Elements.

Note: These do not show up in your supply. If you wish to know the amount of you carry you, you’ll require to head to The Enclave on Mars and also grab the Relic Tether from the crafting table.

Ascendant Alloy

Ascendant Alloy is an uncommon and also crucial crafting source. You’ll require it to craft Exotics, Exotic Catalysts, and alsoEnhanced Traits You can get them from Master Rahool as soon as a week, in addition to unlock them from Banshee -44’s credibility track, regular project goals for The Witch Queen, high problem Wellsprings, and also various other endgame tasks.

Deepsight Resonance tools

The Lingering Dread Legendary grenade launcher in Destiny 2, with a Deepsight Resonance node

Image: Bungie by means of Polygon

Deepsight Resonance tools are a brand-new sort of tool decrease in Destiny 2:The Witch Queen Or instead, it’s an arbitrary brand-new node that can go down on any kind of tool.

Deepsight Resonance tools have a red summary around their box, comparable to the orange crafted symbol on your Shaped tools. Deepsight tools work identically to the non-Deepsight variation of the very same weapon. However, they additionally have actually missions connected with them. By eliminating adversaries with the tool, or finishing tasks with the tool furnished, you’ll advance the Deepsight Resonance development bar. Once you’ve gotten to 100%, you can remove sources from it (which we defined over).

Whether a tool goes down typically or with Deepsight Resonance is arbitrary. Once you remove the sources, you can proceed making use of the weapon typically.

Extracting tool patterns

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen weapon crafting

Image: Bungie by means of Polygon

Not every tool in Destiny 2 can be crafted, and also you’ll obtain numerous Deepsight Resonance missions for weapons that are just arbitrarily rolled. However, you will certainly require to make use of Deepsight Resonance to open tool patterns (additionally called plans) for the tools you can craft.

During The Witch Queen, the development in which Bungie presented the attribute, just 3 tool collections were craftable: Throne World tools, Season of the Risen tools, and also the Vow of the Disciple raid tools In the periods because, Bungie has actually included even more collections, consisting of those for the repeated King’s Fall raid. But you will not have the ability to craft these tools till you open their pattern.

To unlock a pattern for tool crafting, you’ll require to finish a Deepsight Resonance variation of that certain tool. This really entails a fair bit of good luck, as you’ll require to obtain the tool from the raid or whatever task, and also obtain fortunate sufficient for it to go down with Deepsight Resonance on it.

Some tools just need you to complete a solitary Deepsight Resonance tool, however others can use up to 5 Deepsight Resonance conclusions for you to open the pattern. You can examine which tools you can craft, in addition to the amount of Deepsight Resonance conclusions you require to open it, in the Patterns and also Catalysts area in your Triumphs food selection.

As an instance, right here’s a detailed instance of exactly how to open the Tarnation pattern in the Throne World:

  1. Wait till Tarnation is the included tool in the Throne World’s Wellspring task (every 4 days)
  2. Complete Wellspring till you obtain a Deepsight Resonance variation of Tarnation to go down
  3. Run Wellspring once again till you obtain a 2nd Deepsight Resonance Tarnation (Tarnation calls for 2 Deepsight conclusions to open its pattern)
  4. Complete both your Deepsight Resonance Tarnations and also essence sources from them
  5. Go right into the Triumph area and also declare your Tarnation pattern
  6. Go to the Relic and also craft your Tarnation
  7. Level your Tarnation up to open even more advantages for it


The real crafting component of Destiny 2‘s brand-new tool crafting system is really fairly basic.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen weapon crafting

Image: Bungie by means of Polygon

Approach the Relic on Mars and also pick the tool you intend toShape Pick from your patterns, and afterwards the game will certainly take you right into the crafting food selection. Here you’ll require to invest Resonant Alloy to choose the Intrinsic perk for your weapon. Then you can invest Resonant Elements to choose your passive (barrel, publication, supply, view, surge) and also energetic advantages.

Once you’re done, you can pick what we’ll call the sales register node, and also pay all the real sources you’ve consumed. You can additionally reset your tool right here if it’s as well costly or you intend to make an adjustment.

If you intend to alter something on your tool, you can Reshape it later on. Here you can invest money to get improved advantages and also intrinsics. To unlock a lot more perk choices, utilize your crafted tools out in the wild, just like leveling up a Deepsight Resonance tool. All tools have all advantages offered to them by degree 20, however there is no tool degree cap. You can level up your preferred playthings forever.


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