Dauntless Scales Guide: Where to search out Furious Rage Scale, Jagged Spark Scale, Thundering Scale, and Scorch Scale

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While Dauntless might need a friendlier, extra cartoony look than its contemporaries like Monster Hunter World, it’s crafting techniques are not any much less complicated and fascinating.

Hunting the nice behemoths that roam the Shattered Isles – the floating assortment of cities, mountains, plains and tundra that make up the world of Dauntless – yields highly effective supplies which create equally highly effective tools.

If you’re going to tackle the hardest beasts then you definitely’re going to want the strongest gear you’ll find – which implies monitoring down particular gadgets like Scales.

From what we’ve seen there are just a few particular scales that gamers are having bother accumulating, so right here’s the place you’ll find Furious Rage Scales, Jagged Spark Scales, Thundering Scales, and Scorch Scales.

Based on our expertise, what’s complicated about farming these scales specifically is that you simply’re given most of them for fully defeating a beast relatively than breaking certainly one of their limbs.

Dauntless Scales Guide

In the desk we’ll checklist the monsters it’s worthwhile to combat so as to seize the corresponding scale, earlier than going right into a bit extra element beneath:

Dauntless Scales Behemoth Rarity
Furious Rage scale Kill Ragetail Gnasher Rare
Jagged Spark scale Break Drask legs Common
Thundering Scale Kill Drask Rare
Scorch Scale Kill Hellion (Scorchstone model) Rare

Furious Rage scale

You get the “Rage” gadgets from defeating the Ragetail Gnasher, the third model of the rodent-reptile hybrid behemoth that you simply combat initially of your journey.

The merchandise description lists this as a “rare” drop.

From what we’ve seen you don’t have to interrupt particular limbs to get the Furious Rage Scale, however could must run by way of the Ragetail Ghasher greater than as soon as to get one.

This makes it a tough merchandise to farm, however with some perseverance you need to seize it as loot after just a few sorties.

Jagged Spark scale

Shock gadgets are gathered from all people’s favourite crackling crocodile character, Drask.

Unlike the Furious Rage Scale, to collect Jagged Spark scale it’s a must to give attention to Drask’s legs.

This shouldn’t be too tough, particularly within the home windows of alternative whereas he’s charging or resting after assaults.

The merchandise description lists this as a “common” drop that you would be able to get from any Drask.

Thundering Scale

Similar to the Furious Rage Scale, this appears to be collected by totally defeating Drask behemoths relatively than breaking their limbs.

The merchandise description lists this as a “rare” drop, so that you’ll most likely must run by way of the encounter a number of occasions to get as a lot as you want.

It additionally simply says “Drask” relatively than “any Drask”, so it appears to be like such as you’ll must face the more durable Drask relatively than the Lesser Drask.

Scorch Scale

The Scorch Scale is obtained from defeated Hellion behemoths – particularly the Scorchstone variant.

This is one other “rare” merchandise, and doubtless essentially the most tough to gather because the Scorchstone Hellion is essentially the most highly effective of the behemoths that drop these specific scales.

Exploit the Hellion’s Frost weak point to kill it rapidly and successfully, then cross your fingers for a Scorch Scale to indicate up on the loot display screen on the finish.

With that you need to have sufficient scales to maintain Wils and Moyra hammering away for days to come back!

After a long period of early access and open beta, Dauntless’ full launch has been a rousing success. Despite server issues which left players hunting matches rather than monsters, the game hit 5 million downloads over it’s opening weekend.

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