Dauntless Cells & Perks information – the perfect Cells to make use of for any struggle

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Dauntless could pit gamers in opposition to quite a lot of punishing and highly effective Behemoths as a matter after all, however let’s give credit score: it provides us with every little thing we may probably want as a way to triumph time and time once more. Not simply weapons and armour, however the various collection of Perks and Cells that bestow minor-to-whoppingly-major advantages to the Slayer what wields’em. Our Dauntless Cells & Perks information will stroll you thru every of those advantages one by one, offering actual stats for every Perk and explaining that are the perfect Cells to equip within the present Dauntless meta.

All these items about Cells and Perks is only one part of our guides sequence on Dauntless, all of which you’ll peruse from our central Dauntless guide & tips hub. There you’ll discover in-depth newbie’s explanations and helpful suggestions, in addition to hyperlinks to each different a part of our sequence, from the perfect Dauntless weapons and Dauntless builds to methods on defeating every of the Dauntless Behemoths, and way more.

Dauntless Cells information – Perks and Cells defined

There are, in complete, 48 completely different Perks and Cells to talk of, unfold throughout 5 completely different classes, and every might be present in as much as six tiers; so to assist help your travels by way of our multitude of tables and particulars, click on on any of the under hyperlinks to navigate straight to a selected part.

Dauntless Cells & Perks information – contents

Dauntless Cells, Perks, and Orbs explained
Power Cells & Perks
Defence Cells & Perks
Mobility Cells & Perks
Utility Cells & Perks
Technique Cells & Perks

Use the Core Breakers in Ramsgate to interrupt open Cores to realize new Cells.

Dauntless Cells, Perks, and Cores defined

Let’s first speak concerning the distinction between Perks and Cells, as a result of they’re not the identical factor. Perks are the precise advantages bestowed upon you by quite a lot of Dauntless weapons, Dauntless armor, and Cells. Each Perk has 6 tiers, every of which will increase the Perk’s impact – however to succeed in the upper tiers you’ll want to mix a number of sources of that perk, as a result of a single weapon, cell, or armour piece can solely maintain a most of Tier Three on their very own.

Cells are objects obtained primarily by breaking open Cores that you’re rewarded with all through your journey as a Slayer; and so they can solely be geared up by putting them right into a weapon or armour piece’s Cell slot of the right sort. They are extraordinarily helpful for pushing the general tiers of your Perks as much as the best doable degree.

Breaking open Cores, by the way in which, is gorgeous and easy. All it’s essential to do is stroll as much as one of many Core Breakers scattered all through the hub metropolis of Ramsgate. One might be discovered subsequent to the Middleman, whereas one other is positioned subsequent to the weaponsmith and armoursmith. Core Breakers will let you open Cores one by one, every of which can comprise quite a few new Cells. Different sorts and rarities of Cores will comprise several types of Cells. You may also speak to the Middleman as a way to mix present Cells as a way to reroll new ones:

  • Combining two Tier 1 Cells will lead to a Tier 2 Cell.
  • Combining two Tier 2 Cells will lead to a Tier 3 Cell.
  • Combining two of the identical Cell will create the identical Cell on the subsequent highest Tier.
  • Combining two completely different Cells from the identical class will create a random Cell from that class.
  • Combining two Cells from completely different lessons will create a random Cell from any class.

There are in complete 5 completely different lessons of Cells and Perks: Power, Defence, Mobility, Utility, and Technique. As you possibly can think about all of them have completely different focuses which we’ll get into in additional element under. But it’s vital to consider the sorts of Cell slots and Cells out there to you when creating your Dauntless builds; generally having the right Cell slots on a weapon is extra vital even than the weapon’s energy or component.

Talk to the Middleman to mix present Cells into new ones.

Now let’s check out all the Cells and Perks presently in Dauntless. Whenever you see an “X” within the under tables you possibly can hover over it to view the precise stats for each tier of that Perk.

Power Cells & Perks

All the Power Perks let you deal extra harm in several methods, which when it comes right down to it can all the time be an important factor by way of combating Behemoths. Power Perks are presently thought-about essentially the most highly effective class – or no less than, the category which incorporates among the strongest perks in Dauntless.

Several of them additionally synergise very effectively with each other; for instance, Overpower, Knockout King, and Pacifier, all of which relate to Stagger harm. Overpower, by the way in which, is probably the present strongest Perk in Dauntless, notably when utilizing the Stagger-heavy Hammer. Ragehunter is one other favorite for maximising harm potential, and you may mix it with Aetherhunter in opposition to elemental Behemoths to show these beasts’ most fearsome side into their biggest weak point.

Perk Effect Also present in
Aetherhunter +X% harm vs aether-charged Behemoths. All Charrogg and Valomyr weapons,
Charrogg armour (Body),
Valomyr armour (Legs)
Deconstruction +X% harm vs objects created by Behemoths. Kharabak Axe/Hammer
Knockout King +X% Stagger harm.
Tiers 4-6: After dodging by way of an assault, subsequent weapon assault positive factors +X% Stagger harm.
Skarn Sword/Axe/Hammer,
Pangor Sword/Axe/Hammer,
Pangar armour (Head/Arms)
Overpower +X% harm vs staggered Behemoths. All Hellion weapons
Pacifier +X% Stagger harm vs enraged Behemoths. None
Rage When below X% well being, deal +X% harm. Charrogg armour (Arms/Legs),
Boreus armour (Torso/Arms),
Shrowd armour (Head/Torso)
Ragehunter +X% harm vs enraged Behemoths. All Gnasher weapons,
Gnasher armour (Arms),
Hellion armour (Head)
Sharpened +X% Part harm.
Tiers 4-6: after dodging by way of an assault, subsequent weapon assault positive factors +X% Part harm.
All Koshai weapons,
Drask armour (Arms)

Defence Cells & Perks

Defence Cells are finest used that will help you out of tight spots with sure Behemoths. The Perks on this class are – shock shock – defensive in nature, and plenty of of them search to mitigate sure destructive standing results that Behemoths can dish out. Nine Lives and Tough are notably helpful Perks in any state of affairs, however lots of the others, comparable to Warmth or Insulated, needs to be customised based mostly on the Behemoth you’re combating subsequent.

Perk Effect Also present in
Assassin’s Vigour Heal X if you break a Behemoth half. None
Bloodless Tiers 1-2: Reduces period of Wounded standing by X%.
Tiers 3+: Immune to Wounded standing.
Tiers 4-5: Reduces effectiveness of Crippling Wounded standing by X%.
Tier 6: Immune to Crippling Wounded standing.
Gnasher armour (Head),
Shrike armour (Legs)
Fireproof Tiers 1-5: Reduces period of On Fire standing by X%.
Tier 6: Immune to being set on hearth.
Charrogg armour (Head),
Embermane armour (Arms)
Fortress Grants an X well being defend after not getting hit for 10s. Hellion armour (Legs),
Pangar armour (Torso),
Skarn armour (Arms)
Guardian X% of any defend utilized to you can be utilized to your nearest ally for 15s. Skarn armour (Torso/Legs)
Iceborne When below 50% well being grants +X% decreased harm taken.
Tier 4+: While Iceborne is lively, grants X% lifesteal that can’t heal past 50% well being.
Boreus armour (Legs)
Insulated Tiers 1-5: Reduces period of Shocked standing by X%.
Tier 4: Reduces knockback and harm of hitting electrified shields.
Tiers 5-6: Prevents knockback and harm of hitting electrified shields.
Tier 6: Immune to Shocked standing.
Nayzaga armour (Legs),
Stormclaw armour (Arms)
Nine Lives +X% probability to halve incoming harm.
Tier 4+: The first time you’ll be knocked out, keep up and heal for 400.
Tier 6: After you cheat demise, change into empowered for 10s.
Valomyr armour (Torso),
Shrowd armour (Legs)
Shellshock Resist Tiers 1-5: Reduces Shellshock explosion harm and standing impact period by X%.
Tier 6: Immune to Shellshock explosion harm and standing impact.
Quillshot armour (Legs),
Kharabak armour (Head)
Sturdy Prevents you from being staggered (X second cooldown). None
Tough Increases Max Health by X.
Increased therapeutic from all sources by X%.
Gnasher armour (Torso/Legs),
Skarn armour (Head)
Warmth Tiers 1-2: Reduces period of Frozen standing by X%.
Tier 3+: Immune to being Frozen.
Tiers 4-5: Reduces period of Chilled standing by X%.
Tier 6: Immune to being Chilled.
Skraev armour (Arms),
Pangar armour (Legs)

Mobility Cells & Perks

Mobility Cells enable you out at any time when it involves avoiding assaults and repositioning your self throughout a struggle. Most of them have an effect on Stamina not directly, which makes this class of Cell extra helpful if you’re utilizing a really Stamina-hungry weapons, such because the War Pike or Chain Blades. Shoutout additionally to Evasion, a very helpful pickup for newer gamers nonetheless combating the timing of their dodges.

Perk Effect Also present in
Agility X% dodge stamina price. Koshai armour (Head),
Rezakiri armour (Legs)
Conditioning +X stamina regeneration. All Shrike/Boreus weapons,
Boreus armour (Head),
Kharabak armour (Arms/Legs)
Endurance Increases max stamina by X. None
Evasion Increases dodge invulnerability window by X%. Shrike armour (Head/Torso),
Embermane armour (Legs),
Riftstalker armour (Arms)
Fleet Footed Following a dodge, motion pace is elevated by X% for 3s. Skraev armour (Head),
Drask armour (Legs)
Nimble Gain X stamina after dodging by way of an assault. All Skraev weapons
Swift While sheathed, will increase motion pace by X%.
Tier 6: Also impacts different close by Slayers.

Utility Cells & Perks

Utility Cells are by no means very highly effective on their very own, however when mixed with the precise weapon or playstyle or different facets of your loadout, they start to disclose their true value. Energized is a wonderful Perk for weapons such because the Sword and War Pike because it permits you to refill your weapon meter a lot quicker. Vampiric is one other nice pickup for the War Pike, as a result of it takes benefit of the War Pike’s pure wounding talents – whereas Stunning Vigour does the identical however for staggering, making it extra appropriate for Hammers.

Perk Effect Also present in
Aetherborne 25% probability to not devour an Aether Vent cost on use. X further Aether Vent therapeutic. None
Aetheric Attunement +X% Lantern Charge. All Drask weapons,
Stormclaw Hammer,
Drask armour (Head/Torso),
Nayzaga armour (Arms),
Riftstalker armour (Head)
Aetheric Frenzy +X Lantern Charge on hit. Stormclaw armour (Legs)
Conduit Using your lantern maintain potential grants +X% assault pace to all Slayers for Eight seconds. Rezakiri armour (Head/Arms),
Riftstalker armour (Torso/Legs)
Energized +X% weapon cost fee. All Stomclaw weapons (besides Hammer),
Stormclaw armour (Head/Torso)
Lucent Your Flask heals over 20 seconds, however for 20% elevated therapeutic.
While this heal is lively, generate X Lantern Charge every second.
Valomyr armour (Head/Arms)
Medic When reviving an ally, they’re healed an extra X%.
Tiers 4+: +66% revive pace.
Tier 6: Grants a 300 well being defend for 20s after reviving an ally.
Nayzaga armour (Head/Torso),
Shrowd armour (Arms)
Stunning Vigour Heal for X at any time when a Behemoth is Staggered. None
Vampiric Heal for X at any time when a Behemoth is Wounded. None

Technique Cells & Perks

Technique Perks are very like Power Perks, however barely extra targeted, relying upon sure strategies to unleash their full impact. Acidic and Savagery are each extraordinarily highly effective and synergising pickups at larger ranges (notably when mixed with the War Pike), whereas Cunning and Predator stay two of essentially the most highly effective Perks in Dauntless in just about any state of affairs.

Perk Effect Also present in
Acidic Converts X% of Part harm to Wound harm.
Tiers 4+: +X Part harm.
All Quillshot weapons
Adrenaline Grants X% elevated harm for each 10 stamina lacking. Skraev armour (Torso/Legs)
Barbed +X Wound harm on hit.
Tier 4+: After dodging by way of an assault, the following assault’s expose harm is elevated by X.
Nayzaga Sword/Chain Blades/War Pike,
Quillshot armour (Arms)
Bladestorm +X Part harm on hit.
Tier 4+: +X Part harm after dodging by way of an assault.
Kharabak Sword/Chain Blades/War Pike,
Kharabak armour (Torso)
Cunning +X% crucial strike probability (2x harm). All Rezakiri weapons,
All Shrowd weapons,
Rezakiri armour (Torso)
Evasive Fury +X% assault pace for X seconds after dodging by way of an assault. All Embermane weapons,
Embermane armour (Head/Torso),
Koshai armour (Arms)
Merciless +X Wound harm vs Staggered Behemoths None
Molten Dealing harm generates a Molten Heart on a X second cooldown.
Each Molten Heart lasts 8.5 seconds and will increase assault and motion pace by 20% – and makes the consumer immune to fireside.
Hellion armour (Torso/Arms)
Predator +X% harm after not getting hit for 15s. Bonus eliminated when hit. Koshai armour (Torso/Legs)
Savagery +X% harm vs Wounded elements. Nayzaga Axe/Hammer,
Quillshot armour (Head/Torso)
Weighted Strikes +X Stagger harm on hit.
Tier 4+: +X Stagger harm after dodging by way of an assault.
Tier 6: Ranged swings and missiles interrupt unstable Behemoth assaults.
Skarn Chain Blades/War Pike,
Pangar Chain Blades/War Pike,
Shrike armour (Arms)
Wild Frenzy When below X% well being, +X% assault pace. All Riftstalker weapons

Well, there you will have it. That’s each single Cell and Perk presently in Dauntless. Hopefully you’ve realized a factor or two about which Cells it might be finest to prioritise when placing collectively your loadout for the following hunt. And talking of which, now could be a good time to go over to our Dauntless builds information for tips about the best way to put collectively the perfect synergies between Perks, weapons, armour, specials, and potions.