Dauntless armor units – stats and recommendations on one of the best armor in Dauntless

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Those Behemoths in Dauntless can get fairly nasty, typically one-shotting you from throughout the map with a sudden cost, or a volley of quills, or another horrible methodology. So whereas it’s vital to all the time equip your self with the absolute best weapon for the job, it’s vital to place simply as a lot thought into the armour you put on and improve. Our Dauntless armour information will stroll you thru each set, each piece of armour within the game (together with Exotics), together with some useful suggestions and particulars so you’ll be able to higher resolve your apparel for the approaching hunts.

This right here armor information is only one small part of our guides sequence on Dauntless, all of which you’ll be able to peruse from our central Dauntless guide & tips hub. There you’ll discover in-depth newbie’s explanations and helpful suggestions, in addition to hyperlinks to each different a part of our sequence, from one of the best Dauntless weapons and Dauntless builds to methods on defeating every of the Dauntless Behemoths, and rather more.

Dauntless armor information – stats and suggestions

With all their stats, ranges, Cell slots, and Perks, Armour in Dauntless is usually a bit, nicely, daunting (heh, heh) at first look. Below I’ve included an outline of Armour – the way it works, and the way you must put collectively your individual distinctive Armour units – earlier than itemizing every totally different sort of Armour within the game, organised by ingredient. Click any of the hyperlinks beneath to skip forward to a specific part.

Dauntless armour information – contents

Armour in Dauntless – how it all works
Neutral Armour Sets Blaze Armour Sets Frost Armour Sets
Shock Armour Sets Terra Armour Sets Radiant Armour Sets
Umbral Armour Sets Exotic Armour Sets

Armour in Dauntless – the way it all works

Armour in Dauntless is split into 4 elements: the Head, Body, Arms, and Legs – however it might as nicely be “Piece 1”, “Piece 2”, “Piece 3”, and “Piece 4”, as a result of there’s no intrinsic distinction between any of them. Much like in Monster Hunter, all of them contribute to a complete armour worth (known as Resistance in Dauntless) which protects each a part of you. So you received’t be penalised by an assault hitting you on a sure level the place you don’t have any armour.

Armour items not solely give you elevated Resistance, however additionally they comprise Cell slots and helpful Perks. Each piece of Armour in Dauntless have to be crafted from the stays and sources you choose up throughout your quests – and you may degree each bit up a most of 15 instances, growing each its Resistance and, at sure thresholds, its perks as nicely. For each crafting and upgrading Armour, you’ll want to talk to good ol’ Moyra Heigsketter, who may be present in her forge on the southern fringe of Ramsgate, subsequent to Arkan Drew and Wils Bormen.

Certain Armour units even have elemental leanings, relying on the Behemoth you created them from. A Volcanic Aegis, for instance, crafted from the stays of the fire-spewing Charrogg, will grant you extra safety towards Blaze Behemoths, however will even make you extra susceptible to its reverse ingredient, Frost.

Other than finishing Mastery challenges, there’s no profit in any respect to equipping Armour all from the identical set, so you must look to combine and match. We’ll cowl this in additional element in our Dauntless builds information, however in the case of selecting your Armour you must look primarily at Cell slots, Perks, and elemental resistances. The base resistance is definitely all the time the identical for each single piece of armour within the game (aside from the Recruit’s Armour you get originally of the game), beginning at 25 Resistance and enhancing as much as a most of 137.5 Resistance. So so long as you retain no matter Armour you select as upgraded as potential, you received’t have any drawback there.

When beginning out, your Cells received’t be too highly effective, so you must primarily take a look at creating one of the best synergies between your weapon and your armour perks, and in addition at countering the upcoming Behemoth along with your elemental resistances. But as you begin to get stronger Cells (Level 3-4+), Cell slots change into your high precedence. In common, Power Cells are most likely probably the most highly effective in the intervening time, however you must all the time attempt to adapt to greatest fit your playstyle and weapon of alternative. For extra data on Cells, take a look at our Dauntless cells/orbs information.

Now let’s check out each piece of Armour at present in Dauntless, organised by ingredient. Note that you’ll find out extra particulars about every perk by hovering over it within the desk.

Neutral Armour Sets

These are the Armour items with no extra elemental resistances or weaknesses. Each of them may be unlocked pretty early on within the game, and so they require Neutral Orbs (amongst different supplies) to improve additional.

Name Part Cell Slots Perks
Head N/A N/A
Torso N/A N/A
Arms N/A N/A
Legs N/A N/A
Head Defence Bloodless
Torso Defence Tough
Arms Power Ragehunter
Legs Power Tough
Head Technique Evasion
Torso Mobility Evasion
Arms Mobility Weighted Strikes
Legs Mobility Bloodless
Head Defence Savagery
Torso Technique Savagery
Arms Technique Barbed
Legs Technique Shellshock Resist

Blaze Armour Sets

Blaze Armour items all have a further +25 Blaze Resistance and -25 Frost Resistance modifier, and require Blaze Orbs (amongst different supplies) to improve additional.

Name Part Cell Slots Perks
Head Defence Fireproof
Torso Utility Aetherhunter
Arms Utility Rage
Legs Power Rage
Head Mobility Evasive Fury
Torso Mobility Evasive Fury
Arms Technique Fireproof
Legs Defence Evasion
Head Technique Ragehunter
Torso Technique Molten
Arms Power Molten
Legs Power Fortress

Frost Armour Sets

Frost Armour items all have a further +25 Frost Resistance and -25 Blaze Resistance modifier, and require Frost Orbs (amongst different supplies) to improve additional.

Name Part Cell Slots Perks
Head Mobility Fleet Footed
Torso Mobility Adrenaline
Arms Mobility Warmth
Legs Utility Adrenaline
Head Power Knockout King
Torso Power Fortress
Arms Defence Knockout King
Legs Defence Warmth
Head Utility Conditioning
Torso Defence Rage
Arms Power Rage
Legs Technique Iceborne

Shock Armour Sets

Shock Armour items all have a further +25 Shock Resistance and -25 Terra Resistance modifier, and require Shock Orbs (amongst different supplies) to improve additional.

Name Part Cell Slots Perks
Head Power Aetheric Attunement
Torso Power Aetheric Attunement
Arms Utility Sharpened
Legs Utility Fleet Footed
Head Utility Medic
Torso Defence Medic
Arms Utility Aetheric Attunement
Legs Defence Insulated
Head Technique Energized
Torso Mobility Energized
Arms Mobility Insulated
Legs Mobility Aetheric Frenzy

Terra Armour Sets

Terra Armour items all have a further +25 Terra Resistance and -25 Shock Resistance modifier, and require Terra Orbs (amongst different supplies) to improve additional.

Name Part Cell Slots Perks
Head Defence Tough
Torso Defence Guardian
Arms Defence Fortress
Legs Defence Guardian
Head Mobility Shellshock Resist
Torso Technique Bladestorm
Arms Mobility Conditioning
Legs Power Conditioning
Head Technique Agility
Torso Utility Predator
Arms Power Evasive Fury
Legs Utility Predator

Radiant Armour Sets

Radiant Armour items all have a further +25 Radiant Resistance and -25 Umbral Resistance modifier, and require Dull Arcstones (amongst different supplies) to improve additional.

Name Part Cell Slots Perks
Head Technique Conduit
Torso Utility Cunning
Arms Technique Conduit
Legs Mobility Agility
Head Power Lucent
Torso Power Nine Lives
Arms Defence Lucent
Legs Utility Aetherhunter

Umbral Armour Sets

Umbral Armour items all have a further +25 Umbral Resistance and -25 Radiant Resistance modifier, and require Dull Arcstones (amongst different supplies) to improve additional.

Name Part Cell Slots Perks
Head Utility Aetheric Attunement
Torso Utility Conduit
Arms Mobility Evasion
Legs Mobility Conduit
Head Power Rage
Torso Power Rage
Arms Utility Medic
Legs Utility Nine Lives

Exotic Armour Sets

Exotic Armour items are distinctive creations that may solely be crafted from particular blueprints obtained throughout Heroic and Heroic+ quests. Currently there are solely three Exotic items, all of them helmets, and each has a singular impact that replaces the strange perk. They may be upgraded like some other piece of Armour, and so they have the identical Resistance ranges of 25-137.5.

Name Part Elemental Resistance Cell Slots Unique Effect
Prismatic Grace
Head +25 Radiant, -25 Umbral Technique After reviving one other participant, grant them a Radiant Prism that blocks incoming injury for five seconds. The first time you’re taking deadly injury, acquire a Radiant Prism that blocks incoming injury for 10 seconds. While lively, reviving one other participant totally restores each gamers however removes the Prism even at full hazard.
Tragic Echo
Head +25 Umbral, -25 Radiant Power Upon your first dying, change into a shadow clone that offers 100% elevated injury for 15 seconds.
The Skullforge
Head +25 Blaze, -25 Frost Defence 1.5% of all injury dealt turns into a stamina defend (max 50) that depletes first when spending stamina. Depletes slowly after 5 seconds not dealing injury.

And with that, we conclude our Dauntless Armour information. Hopefully you’ve realized what you got here right here to be taught, whether or not it was to solidify your data of how armour works in Dauntless or to investigate cross-check a specific set’s stats and cell slots. Keep checking again as we develop our Dauntless information sequence so you’ll be able to profit from all the most recent suggestions and tips of Behemoth-Slaying.