CS2 Beta update from 6/20/2023 (v1.38.9.2)

The CS2 development team has recently released a comprehensive update, dated June 20, 2023. In an attempt to provide a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience, they have launched several corrections and improvements in areas such as map adjustments, buy menu fixes, loadout functionality, and miscellaneous gameplay enhancements.


[ Misc ]

  • Fixed a bug with the sell-back feature
  • Fixed a few financial fun facts
  • Adjusted the main menu position of CTs holding the Dual Elites
  • Fixed tooltips sometimes staying up when you exit the loadout screen
  • Fixed some texture streaming issues
  • Various improvements to stickers
  • Improved sound synchronization for the first bullets during automatic fire
  • Fixed a case where the death panel would appear if killed during the end of match screen


[ Maps ]

  • Mirage
    • Various lightmap fixes
    • Smoke clouds now pass through the metal rollup grating in underpass
    • Players can no longer jiggle themselves into the skybox

[ Movement ]

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to sometimes move too far forward
  • Various bug fixes

These improvements are expected to significantly enhance the user experience, provide more stability, and eliminate previously reported issues. Gamers around the world can now explore these updates by diving back into the immersive world of CS2.

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