Confusion Still Abounds Among Mass Effect Fans About Teaser Trailer Featuring Shepard’s Return and New Antagonist

Mass Effect 5
(Image credit history: BioWare)

It’s been a number of days given that we obtained that prospective Mass Effect 5 intro, however followers still can not choose if it’s Shepard, a villain, or perhaps even Daft Punk in the trailer. 

Earlier today, on November 7, BioWare launched the Mass Effect Epsilon teaser, which, although amazing, left followers with even more concerns than responses. The trailer is just 30ish secs long and is deliberately obscure. In it, we see a strange number putting on an N7 attire and headgear stroll down a corridor prior to taking out a tool and the display reducing to black. Unsurprisingly, concepts are currently circling around concerning that this personality is and what it might imply for the collection’ future. 

Shortly after the trailer was shared, the Mass Effect subreddit entered into overdrive attempting to find out that he or she is. There have actually been some anticipated assumptions, like Commander Shepard or perhaps the following game’s brand-new villain, along with some much less most likely forecasts like among the participants of the French digital songs duo Daft Punk. 

“Looks like our new protagonist is, in fact, one of the Daft Punk robots,” one customer shared on the website. “You’ll never be HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER than Commander Shepard,” one more responded. 

Other followers have claimed the personality appears like a Warlock from Bungie‘s MMO Destiny: “Didn’t know N7 recruits Destiny Warlocks now, lol,” one gamer claimed. No question the intro trailer sent out GamesRadar+’s Heather Wald’s fan theory brain into overdrive.

Unfortunately for us, we’ll possibly be doubting points for the following couple of N7 Days as Mass Effect 5 is still in pre-production since June 2022. On a much more favorable note, we did obtain an upgrade around a year ago which disclosed, that although the game is still a little means off, advancement is “proceeding very well” with the group at BioWare. 

While we wait to discover even more concerning this, discover what else we might be having fun with our games like Mass Effect checklist. 



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