Community Update 90

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A wonderful Rust animation, excellent builds, and the many uses of charcoal.


The header is from Cas van de Pol’s excellent animation, Rust: A Love Story. It’s the tale of a man, a woman, an open mic, and the rest is very much Rust. You almost certainly know the ending, but the journey is lovingly animated, funny, and you can tell that Cas really understands the game. The opening few seconds will prove that.

I could’ve used just about any frame and you’d have recognised it as Rust. Really wonderful stuff.

Vertiigo: Brother Vs Brother

Followers of Vertiigo will know he responds to Rust in the same way Mr McDougall’s dog used to respond to me. What do you don’t know who that is? That dog was a legendary arsehole around my town. Well then that reference is of no use to you. Just think of an angry dog, okay.

Anyway, Vertiigo has a younger brother and the video below is a one-on-one battle between the pair in a maze. Imagine the reaction of every angry dog you’ve ever met, but with a paper cut rubbed in salt thrown into the mix. Because brothers

When I was 20, I traveled around Australia for a bit. That was a pretty accurate representation of the people I met.

Urban Development

Reddit was full of excellent things this week, particularly some impressive builds. I will now show them to you.

Loot Town

Mexican-Butler’s Loot Town–it has about 20 chests dotted about–took a week to build, at about 4-6 hours a day. That’s basically a part-time job.


Another build by Mexican-Butler, who took time out from his job of building Rust towns to build a harbour. He was inspired by our concept art, but we clearly weren’t moving fast enough.

River Town

Poor MB. While he’s building his stuff separately, Stawn simply combined the two, building either side of a river and creating a town split down the middle. And in that river is a harbour.

I wonder if people making videos would be able to hire builders of this calibre to make the “set”?

Char Chat

I like dedicated posts about specific things, so Rogueredditer’s post on all the potential uses for Charcoal was a good read. He obviously loves charcoal, and laid out a number of ways we could utilise it in Rust. Obviously the comments added even more uses.

In the real world Charcoal is a wondrous substance, it can be used to Filter water from Bacteria and Chemicals, treat Toxins and Poisons via applying it directly on wounds or ingesting, used to make Cleaning Products, can be used as a good form of Fertilizer and natural Pesticide, Can help keep meats and other food items fresh, can be used to protect Tools from Rusting e.g Axes, Pickaxes, Hammers and any other metal prone to rusting

Now do burnt chicken!

Who Needs Friends?

That’s what Holdacious asks at the start of his new solo survival series. It’s fun watching him from this perspective, where he tries to sneak ore, runs from a bear, and spends a lot of time just plain worried. Get in on the ground floor as he goes full hippy.

You ate your pumpkin, Holdacious. That’s for hats.

… And Finally

Robinrako made a frickin’ Coffee Can Helmet.

I asked him to not use it in the commission of a crime, but was rebuffed. Be careful out there, people.

Get In Touch

Think you’re working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Now’s the time to share your base designs, or get into the growing Raid Cam business, or show off a game-mode from your server, or if your server has an interesting theme.

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