Classic WoW leveling information: quick methods to degree up in vanilla World of Warcraft

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Looking for some Classic WoW leveling ideas? When World of Warcraft Classic launches on August 27, some late joiners to Blizzard Entertainment’s standard MMORPG can be shocked by how slowly the game strikes.

To be honest, it is a main a part of the enchantment of WoW Classic. Vanilla WoW is a extra sedate, easier MMO, and for some, the deal with leveling over endgame would be the major purpose to play Classic. For others, nevertheless, this represents a misplaced likelihood to become involved within the high-end PvP or dungeon/raiding scene that eluded so many when vanilla WoW really launched nicely over a decade in the past. For these, attending to degree 60 and preparing for the ‘real’ content material is be the main focus.

This WoW Classic leveling information isn’t meant to be a real speedrunning instruction set – there are many these accessible elsewhere for that hardcore scene. Instead, these are some easy steps you possibly can take to make the WoW leveling course of as fast as attainable in Classic whereas nonetheless being /principally/ painless.


In fashionable expansions, leveling by spamming dungeons (or in Battle for Azeroth, islands) over and over is usually probably the most environment friendly option to max degree. Due to the structure of the dungeons in vanilla, the issue find and holding teams, and the more-restrictive dungeon lockout, that’s usually not the case in terms of farming and quick leveling in WoW Classic. If you will have max-level mates keen to hold you, spamming dungeon runs is certainly the way in which to go. For everybody else, a mixture of questing and periodic dungeons (usually when you will have all of the prerequisite quests for them, which we’ll get to in a minute) is one of the best ways to go.

The excellent news is that Classic WoW is stuffed stuffed with quests. Particularly for those who reap the benefits of rested XP (leveling two characters directly is a technique to assist that alongside), you will get from 1-60 with out grinding, or repetitively killing, monsters in any respect. That stated, you possibly can pace issues alongside only a bit by killing monsters as you journey from one quest hub to a different.



If you’re actually dedicated to attending to degree 60 in WoW Classic quick and also you don’t actually care what or the way you play, select a injury class that doesn’t depend on pets. The highest injury WoW classic classes in Classic are usually these which can be ‘pure’ injury – that’s, they don’t have tanking or therapeutic specializations accessible. Mages and rogues are good examples.

Pet courses, reminiscent of warlocks and hunters, do good injury however undergo from a little bit of slowdown, each as a result of they don’t get midway respectable pets for at the very least a number of ranges, but in addition as a result of they’re continuously rezzing, summoning, feeding, or in any other case having to handle their pets. Both hunters and warlocks have inconvenient talents requiring reagents, both arrows or bullets within the hunter’s case, or soul shards within the warlock’s. This additionally provides to the delay.

Alternatively, you possibly can attempt taking part in a tanking class (safety warrior or, for Alliance gamers, paladin are your solely actual decisions in vanilla) and doing the ‘round up a pile of mobs and nibble them all to death’ technique whilst you’re leveling in WoW. Truthfully, this works greatest for those who’re gaming with a pal who can unleash actual injury on the monsters you collect up.


For direct injury sellers, it nearly by no means is smart to group up in Classic WoW for pace for something besides dungeons. Every mob you kill with another person immediately splits the expertise, so for those who kill a monster with a pal, you’ll every get half the expertise.

If you will have a full group of mates, you all need to play collectively, and you continue to need to speed-level to 60, you possibly can attempt to justify the lowered kill expertise by noting that you simply’ll be getting questing expertise extra rapidly, because you’ll be finishing quests sooner and shifting on to the subsequent. Realistically, there are a few issues with that plan: whereas there are sufficient quests in Classic WoW to get you from 1-60 with out grinding, that’s provided that you get the total expertise from the mobs you kill. If you group up, you’ll nearly actually need to grind to get you the remainder of the way in which there. Because grinding alongside questing awards extra expertise than simply straight grinding in the identical space, this reduces the effectivity of teams.

The exception to this rule is for those who play a hybrid class, need to play as a tank, or play a personality that’s primarily healing-spec. Leveling with these courses and specializations might be brutally sluggish, and pairing up with one other hybrid or slow-leveling class (a tank plus a healer, for instance) might help transfer issues alongside for each of you.



Managing stock, significantly the host of inexperienced objects you hope to promote or crafting supplies you propose to make use of later, is a time consuming chore. Sell all the things you possibly can to any vendor you discover, however for objects of worth, protect them by mailing it to an alt account and promoting or utilizing it later. Create that alternate character instantly, get them to a capitol metropolis, and park them there. Not solely are you able to then mail something not nailed down each time you hit city (thereby eradicating it out of your stock and your to-do record), however you’ll even be build up rested expertise on the ‘banking’ alt.

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If you’re wanting to maneuver rapidly to degree 60, we additionally suggest ready on crafting professions till you’re completed. Gathering professions (mining, herbing) will sluggish you down, however is likely to be value it to you for those who plan to degree a crafting occupation later, or if you wish to promote supplies on the public sale home to afford these oh-so-expensive degree 40 and 60 mounts. Note that in WoW Classic, not like Live, choosing a flower or mining a steel node doesn’t grant expertise. They’re additionally lots simpler to maneuver between rapidly at most degree and utilizing a kind of fancy mounts.

Typically, quest rewards and random monster drops will nearly, however not fairly, preserve tempo with the price of your expertise or talents and little else. Spending for extra crafting supplies, together with dyes or threads or what have you ever, will eat up additional gold and time.


Weapons expertise characteristic closely in vanilla WoW, so that you’ll be working with them in Classic. This means, as you’re leveling a personality, you’re additionally going to be leveling their ability with no matter weapon(s) you select. We suggest choosing a weapon kind, ideally one thing generally accessible in your class and specialization, and sticking with it as you farm XP. The time misplaced as you miss-miss-miss-miss if you battle monsters with a brand new weapon is important, and it takes some time to degree a ability all the way in which again as much as cap. This usually makes it worthwhile to attend till you get a weapon to drop of the right selection earlier than upgrading.

This recommendation additionally applies to different discovered/leveled non-combat expertise, reminiscent of lockpicking for rogues. Waiting till max degree makes them a bit extra grindy, however lots simpler to cope with. You received’t be having to kill a wide range of monsters you didn’t actually need to since you failed at pickpocketing.



If you need to degree up on a PvP server, completely create a personality there. But except you’re the very quickest of WoW leveling speedrunners, taking part in on a PvP server will sluggish you down. If you actually don’t care whether or not you play on PvP or PvE servers and also you need to get to 60 as quick as you possibly can, select PvE. Then the one purple names you see would be the monsters, not your fellow gamers, who’re frankly lots smarter and much more vindictive than any MMO mob.


If you’re new to vanilla, it’s value taking the time to scan leveling guides and speak to your more- skilled mates to search out out probably the most environment friendly questing routes. For most gamers, these routes are just like these already laid out for you by Blizzard in-game, so following in-game breadcrumbs from one quest hub to the subsequent is an effective option to get all the things completed. But realizing the place the monsters it is advisable to kill are literally positioned is a large assist, and planning your quest turn-ins so that you simply don’t find yourself doing an excessive amount of backtracking is a large timesaver within the 40 ranges earlier than you possibly can mount up.

If you don’t have skilled mates and don’t need to comply with a information, take into account a mod from our record of the perfect WoW Classic addons like Questie Classic, which can try to copy fashionable WoW performance by placing accessible quests and quest aims in your map.