Civilization 6 trailer explains changes to cities

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A new Civilization 6 trailer explains how cities in the game are changing rather significantly from those in previous versions. As we learned when it was announced, Civ 6 cities will actually “build out” from their home tile into specialized districts that support specific functions and tasks. Some districts will be unique to specific civilizations, some can earn bonuses based on location, and certain Wonders will require specific types of districts and locations in order to be constructed. 

The trailer describes districts as a “major new addition” to the game, and messing with a franchise as venerated as Civilization is unavoidably risky. On the other hand, once you’re up to the sixth release in a series, “change or die” probably starts to become a little more of a pressing concern than it was 20 years before. 

Civilization 6 is set to come out on October 21. Find out more at, and don’t miss our 60-turn hands-on with the game right here.