Capcom desires Monster Hunter to develop within the West, is aware of handhelds alone aren’t sufficient

Capcom desires to broaden Monster Hunter past handhelds within the West.


Capcom estimates PS4 will promote 100 million by the top of 2020, and 40-50 million for Xbox One. Knowing how large the house console market is within the West in comparison with Japan, the writer is seeking to broaden its highly regarded Monster Hunter collection past simply handhelds.

That’s in accordance with Esuteru (through NeoGAF), reporting on a Q&A session through which Capcom chairman Kenzo Tsujimoto stated that handhelds within the West signify round ten % of the general market, in comparison with Japan the place they’re dominant.

On the identical word, Tsujimoto revealed that gross sales of Monster Hunter four G have been much less within the West than they have been in Japan. Because of this, the corporate desires to develop Monster Hunter abroad. Though the chairman didn’t outright affirm a house console launch of Monster Hunter is within the works, he strongly prompt it’s the one method to go to get extra individuals to care about it.

During the session, Tsujimoto stated Capcom is amongst just a few Japanese publishers with a heavy deal with Western markets, and so it must create video games that seem to those customers.

Monster Hunter video games are made solely for handhelds, with the exception for Monster Hunter 3U, which got here out on the Wii U in 2011.