Call of Duty Warzone is taking cheaters’ weapons away mid-game

Another enjoyable method to ideally humiliate Warzone cheaters right into discovering the light

Warzone Season 3
(Image credit rating: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone’s anti-cheat software application has a brand-new reduction method to ideally suppress the quantity of cheaters wrecking everybody’s enjoyable: take the cheaters’ weapons away mid-game

Activision released a blog (opens in new tab) today dealing with the existing scenario with Warzone cheaters as well as the newish Ricochet anti-cheat system. In the write-up, the designers behind Ricochet discuss that dealing with disloyalty in Warzone resembles a game of pet cat as well as computer mouse: as options are recognized as well as applied to battle disloyalty, the cheaters are currently working with brand-new methods to navigate those guardrails as well as the guidelines of the game.

That stated, there are a variety of existing reduction methods in position which exist to allow discovered cheaters stay in the game for sufficient time to assess their techniques however likewise lessen their effect on various other gamers. Essentially, it’s a method to irritate cheaters as high as feasible while the anti-cheat devs observe them as well as locate brand-new methods to capture them.

For instance, a “damage shield” quits cheaters from having the ability to cause essential damages on various other gamers, consequently allowing rule-abiding gamers recognize cheaters as well as report them or, even better, capture video clip proof of their criminal offense as well as frustrated response to show to the net. Another existing method makes all gamers undetectable to discovered cheaters, leaving them baffled as well as defenseless.

The latest method from Ricochet is to merely take cheaters’ tools away, including their clenched fists. That method, if you see a gamer moving at you however refraining from doing any type of damages, you understand you’re possibly managing a no-good cheater.

Here’s a listing of the best Warzone guns to place cheaters in their location.




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