Call of Duty video games have “the best set pieces in the business,” says Infinite Warfare’s narrative director

Narrative director and ex-Naughty Dog narrative design lead Taylor Kurosaki talks about Infinite Warfare’s single-player marketing campaign.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has moved the franchise to house and the brand new setting comes with numerous story-telling alternatives.

Narrative director Taylor Kurosaki talked concerning the sport’s single-player marketing campaign in an interview with GameSpot, saying, “In numerous actually well-received battle tales, the story actually facilities on you and your squad, what you guys are going via, how you will have one another’s backs, and the way the pressures of the battle and the enemy searching you may reveal issues about your true nature…to see what the pressures of this specific battle do to these relationships, we wished to discover these issues.

“Now, that doesn’t imply that we forego set items. We nonetheless have, I believe, the most effective set items within the enterprise, however on this case, if we are able to create characters that you just respect, if we are able to create characters that you just determine with, and that you just care about, then these very same set items, that very same bombast will get introduced up. It raises the depth stage since you actually, actually are involved about what’s going to occur subsequent.

“For me, and for lots of the blokes that began right here, at first of Infinite Warfare, we had been actually excited concerning the prospect of working with a workforce that’s recognized for making these superior, unbelievable set items, however imbuing these set items with possibly some extra which means and possibly caring extra. We thought that that might repay.”

Addressing the brand new setting, Kurosaki expanded on how the expanse of house performed a component in narrative.

“To break it down really simply, as storytellers, we are always searching for incredible sources of pressure to put on our characters…with Infinite Warfare, having a lot of the missions take place outside of our breathable atmosphere, that just puts even more pressure on you. Now, you have an environment that’s trying to kill you as well…We’re always looking for those ultimate sources of pressure because when you have those ultimate sources of pressure, all the niceties go out the window. All of the courtesies can go out the window and you really know what makes a person tick.”

Infinite Warfare’s marketing campaign strives to create a bond between the participant and the protagonist and Kurosaki is assured that Infinity Ward has carried out simply that.

“You’re going to feel invested in the story, you’re going to feel invested in the game, and hopefully, the mechanics of the game. What we really want, ultimately, is we want that controller in your hand to sort of vanish. To sort of disappear. We want you to just feel like you are occupying this world, and you are going on this journey along with this guy. You’re actually doing it by standing in his boots, and seeing the world through his eyes.”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launched final week to positive reviews and debuted at no. 1 within the UK charts, however regardless of that, sales are down almost 50% on final 12 months’s Black Ops three.

I don’t assume many individuals purchase Call of Duty for the marketing campaign and shifting Call of Duty to house wasn’t very nicely obtained earlier this year.

Is the single-player marketing campaign one thing that needs to be phased out of the collection, or is there nonetheless untapped potential for epic battle tales within the Call of Duty franchise?

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