California Revamped: The Golden State #3

Today we are happy to be celebrating American Truck Simulator’s 8th Anniversary! Since its release in 2016, we’ve come a long way in providing so much new content and so many free updates. One such project we’ve been continually working on is our California Rework, which sees the one of the first U.S. states to be released with our base game, being rebuilt from the ground up by our talented team and brought upto todays map quality standard. Once complete, it will be released as a free update for all current and future owners of American Truck Simulator.

This blog serves as a part 3 on ‘The Golden State’, so we recommend taking a read of our previous and blogs, if you haven’t already!


Our team has been continuing their work on the legendary CA-1/US-1 Coastline Scenic Route, which is being reworked completely from the ground up. This time, the team is focusing their efforts recreating the highway between Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo. Along this part of the CA-1, you will pass through famous coastline areas such as Big Sur, San Carpoforo Creek and Willow Creek.

As you may know, this highway is incredibly scenic and will feature many bridges and creeks which lead onto the beautiful California coastline. It is a must-drive for any American road-tripper.. or trucker!


We’ve also been working on part of the I-5, running between the south of Huron to Bakersfield. Along this route you’ll find a mix of scenic landscapes, landmarks, and points of interest, making it a notable route for travellers. This segment of I-5 also traverses the San Joaquin Valley, which is also known for its agricultural richness and diverse scenery.

You’ll be sure to find scenic landscapes and a typical Californian climate environment when travelling on this part of the Interstate!


The historic US-99, also known as the Golden State Highway, is also another route our team has been focusing on during this phase of the rework. Meandering through a diverse California landscape, the US-99 showcases the state’s natural beauty. The highway will also take you past charming towns and cities, each with its unique character and landmarks.

The route also offers glimpses of California’s cultural and agricultural heritage, making it a delightful journey for those seeking the state’s nostalgic charm.

Can you guess where these were taken?

The team has been kind enough to provide us with quite a few images from their progress of reworking California. So we decided it would be fun for you to guess the location of these screenshots!

Think you know? Share the answers with us in the blog comments below! We look forward to sharing more of the work taking place in this phase of our the California Rework for American Truck Simulator. Until then, keep on truckin’