BriGuel: music and activism in one

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The artist couple BriGuel just dropped a heartwarming music video to the single “Who Do You Wanna Be”. We bet that after watching it, you will instantly fall in love with the charming and hypnotizing sound they create. 

Throughout their tracks, Brianne and Miguel encourage to be more compassionate, unite and help each other. Besides music career, the duo keeps itself busy with activism. They share their enthusiasm for specific topics such as mindfulness and meditation. 

BriGuel just started an exciting collaboration with the Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore. The initiative is focusing on providing opportunities to youth from underprivileged environment. 

Moreover, they produce a YouTube podcast ‘Ask Briguel’ where they discuss topics that are important for them, and the latest episode is fully focused on immigrants’ issues.

Stay tuned for what BriGuel is preparing for us next!

Author: Brian Miller