Black Panther and also Captain America collaborate in brand-new game from ex-spouse-Uncharted supervisor

Captain America and Black Panther stand ready to fight in artwork from Marvel Comics’ Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers #1.

Image: Marvel

Black Panther and also Captain America are collaborating for a brand-new video clip game experience embeded in the Marvel Universe’s variation of World War II. On Friday, at the Disney and also Marvel Games Showcase, Marvel Games and also Skydance New Media– the reasonably brand-new workshop led by previous Naughty Dog innovative supervisor Amy Hennig– disclosed a brand-new untitled, which will certainly match the very duo versus the bad pressures of Hydra.

Joining them will certainly be 2 unknown heroes, among which seems a U.S. infantry soldier and also the various other a participant of Wakanda’sDora Milaje Those 4 heroes were included in an intro trailer for the Black Panther and also Captain America game, which seems embeded in Paris and also (potentially) in Wakanda.

Marvel and also Skydance New Media’s brand-new game shows up to have actually been motivated by a comics restricted collection from 2010 called Black Panther/Captain America: Flags ofOur Fathers In that four-issue run, Steve Rogers (also known as Captain America) partnered with Black Panther (King Azzuri, the grandpa of T’Challa) and also Nick Fury and also his Howling Commandos to tackle the Red Skull, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, and also the pressures of Adolf Hitler, that wishes that Wakanda’s shops of Vibranium will certainly assist Germany win the battle.

In video clip games, Captain America and also Black Panther (the T’Challa variation) collaborated in Square Enix and also Crystal Dynamics Marvel’sAvengers Black Panther was included in that game as a cost-free personality in August 2021.

Skydance New Media was established in 2019 Amy Hennig, the previous innovative supervisor of the Uncharted collection and also Visceral Games’ unfinished Star Wars game, co-founded the workshop with EA expert Julian Beak to– initially, anyhow– establish “interactive series” for “emerging streaming platforms.” Skydance New Media announced its Marvel project last October as “a narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story and take on the Marvel Universe.” The workshop is additionally developing an untitled Star Wars game.


Source: Polygon


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