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When they first appeared on the PC scene the solid state drive was very much a luxury item, and even then capacities of 250GB seemed like extreme extravagance. Now it’s almost an expected component of a proper gaming PC.

And gone are the lowly 30-60GB capacity SSDs too, with even a 120GB drive looking like a miserly amount of space for your Steam library. For just $65 you can now pick up a 240GB SSD which will outperform even the most expensive drives of just a few years back.

If you’ve already checked out 
our guide to the best SSD then you’ll already have an idea what you’re after, but if you want them for the absolute best price then allow us to help…

Some highlights this week: Our favorite SSDs right now belong to Samsung’s excellent 850 EVO series, and you can save $30 on the 500GB version with Newegg this week. The M.2 Samsung drive is available for less than $80 right now too.

The stunning SanDisk Extreme Pro is also $30 off and is the best solid state drive around for anyone likely to be really hammering their drive. Whether it’s Twitch recording or rendering it scores the highest we’ve ever seen in PCMark’s punishing SSD consistency tests.

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Crucial BX200 is the update to our top budget SSD and you can grab the 240GB version on Newegg, via Ebay, for just $64.99.

If that’s too cramped for your Steam library then the
500GB Samsung 850 EVO has got a $30 saving at the moment over on Newegg where it’s just $149.99.

A 1TB SSD though is really what we want…and the
1TB Samsung 850 EVO is at the best price we’ve seen it selling for over on Bonanza for $279.99.

If you want to get some high-speed storage into your laptop, or compact PC, the slimline M.2 format is ideal. The
250GB Samsung 850 EVO M.2 is available on Amazon for just $79.99.

For the serial Twitcher who needs a decent capacity SSD, but also one that’s also utterly reliable and can take as much disc accessing punishment as you can throw at it, the
480GB SanDisk Extreme Pro is the daddy, and it’s $30 off at B&H where it’s just $189.99.

The best SSDs

We’ve picked out our current favorite solid state drives and have put together our 
best SSD guide which details both the overall best SSD around as well as the best budget SSD as well as the best high-end SSD.

And here are the best prices we’ve found for them around the web today:

“The ideal SSD for a gaming PC strikes that perfect price/performance/reliability balance, and Samsung’s 850 EVO SSD manages this, and then some.”

“With an affordable SSD, like the BX100, larger capacities are a more realistic prospect.“

“If you’re building the ultimate rig, and want the very best possible performance in any situation, without worrying about the cost, then it’s the 850 Pro you should choose.“

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